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Most Anticipated November Releases!

Hey guys,

It is time for another bout of releases and this time I just couldn’t keep it to 5 because there are tonnes of great books out in November! Several of these are already all over YouTube and look amazing.

Lets get into them shall we?

Firebird: A Million Worlds With You // Claudia Gray

a million worlds with you.jpg

This is the third instalment of the Firebird Series that started with A Thousand Pieces of You and Marguerite Caine has to travel through alternative dimensions to find the killer of her parents. I loved the first instalment and plan on picking up the second and third instalment before the end of the year!

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Pre-order from Amazon!

Timekeeper // Tara Sim


Guys, this is the start of a great looking series set in an alternative Victorian London with steampunk elements and fantastical elements; with the main character able to not only fix broken clocks but also time itself which sounds awesome! This looks like an amazing read and honestly after Clockwork Angel I am loving books set in Victorian London with a steampunk twist!

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Pre-order from Amazon!

The Diabolic // S.J. Kincaid

diabolic.jpgThis Sci-Fi looks amazing! When the Diaboli has to go undercover as the person they are trying to protect, to kill all threats, to serve the person they were created for… there is nothing about this that doesn’t draw me in. I first saw this across YouTube as many reviewers have been sent this for review and honestly if it lives up to the hype this is going to be amazing!

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Pre-order today from Amazon!

Heartless // Marissa Meyer


Marissa Meyer is bringing out another fairytale retelling! Yes! After the outstanding Lunar Chronicles, Marissa has been upgraded to an auto-buy author! This is based on the Queen of Hearts backstory and look phenomenal!

There is Magic, Monsters, Madness, and Fate. This is going to be epic!

Release Date: 08/11/2016

Pre-order today from Amazon!

Of Fire and Stars // Audrey Coulhurst

fire and stars.jpgFrom the synopsis, this book feels very much like A Thousand and one Nights or The Wrath and the Dawn, except the marriage is already arranged. This is set in a middle eastern fantasy world where magic is forbidden, but the main character Denna can wield fire and she is betrothed to the Prince of her neighbouring kingdom. This book has assassinations, warhorses, magic, and LGBT characters. To top it off, it has been compared to The Winner’s Curse! One of my favourite reads this year.

Release Date: 22/11/2016

Pre-order today from Amazon!

Scythe // Neal Shushterman


Firstly, that cover looks awesome and I would read this solely on the cover; however the story also looks freaking awesome. So the human race has passed all boundaries and is now considered immortal because well nothing is killing anyone. Except. Scythes. People trained to go around killing people in order to control the human population. This follows the story of Rowan and Citra, two apprentices to the Scythe; honestly I cant wait.

Release Date: 22/11/2016

Pre-order today from Amazon!

I know there are six guys, but seriously when this many great reads come out in one month I just cant miss them off. You have YA fantasy set in the middle east with LGBT, you have immortal killing apprentices, and then you have brand new retellings from the retelling Queen herself! This month is awesome for books – deadly for bank accounts!

Helen x


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