Review: The Assassin’s Apprentice

Hey guys,

I have finally done it, I have finally read a Robin Hobb book and I have started where everyone recommends! Okay, explaining this books position is difficult, this is because it is not only the start of the Farseer Trilogy, but also the first trilogy in a series of Trilogies set in the same world.This books pertains to the discovery and growth of Fitz, the bastard child of the King in Waiting, Chivalry. When he is discovered Fitz is given to Chivalry’s armsman Burrich, who keeps him in the stables with the dogs. When Fitz begins to develop weird connections with animals Burrich worries and when the King finds and confronts him, he is forced to undertake a variety of classes.

assassins apprentic

He is introduced to the world of the Skill, something reserved for those of Pure Royal Blood (bastards don’t count!) and the Wit (his unusual connection to the animals) and then there is the Forged (those who have returned from being captive with the attacking forces!).

Fitz is telling this story as if recalling the information rather than going through the events with him, thisghtly because it made the marration of the first few chapters really unreliable (there were elements that he couldn’t remember and he also said things like, ‘that was the last time…’ or ‘or so he thought…’). I must admit that this made the first half of the books really difficult to get through, it took several days before I got to the point where I could just power through the book because I didn’t to put it down. And by the end, I really didn’t want it to end.

There is treason, backstabbing, secrets, of and assassins. When Fitz is bought into the world of assassins and being a ‘Kings man’, he puts himself at the disposal of the King who in return protects him. Fair deal really. Although the intricate details behind all of this isn’t fully explained throughout the first instalment, you grasp the importance of the title and names used, why someone would be considered  King’s man or a Queen’s man; I honestly it to find out how this influences the rest of the books.

There are a lot of sub-plots, more than I can honestly recall from memory; they are woven beautifully into the storyline and it really makes you feel for the characters involved. Now this makes explaining the story, without spoilers, really hard. But it makes my love for the characters multiply; you see some amazing character growth (and I’m not just talking about Fitz growing from a child to a young man!) and you see depth and detail that is often missing in this genre. Where more high fantasy fails to meet this criteria for depth across 600+ pages, Robin Hobb managed to get everything and more in around 400!

Her writing is beautiful, I don’t know whether it was my mind set when I first started reading; but my appreciation for her writing skill grew as I turned every page.

Overall, I loved the characters, the plots, the world, I love everything about this book and can honestly say that I will be picking up the remainder of this trilogy and all of the trilogies after it. A solid 5 star read!

Pick it up today, because this is one of the best fantasy books I have read this year!

Helen x


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