Why & What I Snack on while writing!

Hey guys,

So we all know that writing makes us tired, we could have had the perfect night sleep (you know that I night a year where you can find the comfy position immediately and nothing wakes you up in the night…) and after a little while our eyes are aching as if we are on day 5 of a week-long non-stop party. I know it has to do with looking at a screen for so long, but your brain needs fuel much like your body while exercising (anyone who says that writing is exercise for the brain should be removed from your life- you don’t need that sort of negativity around you!). Therefore snacking during a long day of writing is really important as it stops that mid-point lull in writing speed, it stops your mind from wondering to other things (the amount of times I have written food scenes merely because I was hungry is unbelievable).

Okay, I know that every person is different in terms of the snacks they like, people have allergies (like me! I’m allergic to nuts… not fun!), people have preferences, people are weird. What I’m going to quickly summarise are the snacks I turn to when I’m doing a full day of writing, such as during NaNo!


As a vegan one of the ‘safest’ snacking options is fruit; this is both an easy snack and a relatively cheap one. I tend to buy a large bag of oranges, or apples, and keep them near me while I am writing. They give me the sugary kick I need, some much needed calories, but also an additional source of hydration.

Now, sometimes I like to spend a bit of time preparing my fruit in the morning; sometimes I like to pair fruits together (I like: pineapple and mango, kiwi and strawberries, general berry mix) and then sometimes I just like to throw some cake batter on the top and have a very fruity upside-down cake!

Enough health!


I use sweets as a word count tally,  let myself have a sweet every 500 words (on a really big writing day, or 100 if I think I can only get 500-900 words done) and there is nothing as motivating as watching you get closer and closer to the next sweet.


Okay, so I hinted to my love of cake earlier; now I keep cake motivation for those special days (some call them 10k days…) and use a slice of cake every 2000 words as great motivation to get me to the next 2000 word point! I have completed 6 10K days (during NaNo and CampNaNo) using this method of indulgence and motivation, so I am sure as hell am going to do it again this year! I am planning on attempting a 50K weekend for the first weekend in November (if I am not at work- if I am I will be rearranging it for two days when I am not working!), so the end of October will be me baking several cakes and bunging them in the freezer ready to defrost and eat at my leisure!

Okay my friends, those are the snacking things I like to do while writing during a NaNo month; do you have something you always do? What about those big word count days, do you snack differently? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

Enjoy the snacks my friends,

Helen x


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