Top 10 book purchases coming up!

Hey guys,

So I have been thinking about the books that I would like to purchase next, you know, once my TBR mountain starts looking more like an anthill. Some of these books are sequels to those I already own, they are by authors that I am loving, or are books I have heard great thinks about. I have grouped them into 10, I say grouped because I grouped all the series’ together instead of there being 20 or 30 books on the list when really there are only 10 collections. Enough babble, lets begin!

Shatter Me // Tahereh Mafi

I currently own the first in the Shatter Me series, however I have been told that if I enjoy the first (because some people don’t, its like marmite) then I will want to go on to the rest of the series straight away. So I plan on picking up Unravel me & Ignite me as soon as possible!

shatter me trilogy.png

The Darkest Minds Trilogy // Alexandra Bracken

I currently own the first two instalments of this series and really want to marathon the entire trilogy when it comes time to read them, so for that I need to purchase the final book In the After Light. I have heard great things about this trilogy and feel ashamed that I haven’t actually read them yet.

darkest mind.png

Robin Hobb

So I haven’t named a specific book for this because after reading Assassin’s Apprentice a few weeks ago I  want to collect and read all of the books in the series and continuation series’. Now there are quite a few set in the same world, known as the Realm of the Elderlings, starting with the Farseer Trilogy, The Liveship Traders Trilogy, The Tawny Man Trilogy, The Soldier Son Trilogy, and finally The Rain Wild Chronicles. I love Robin Hobb’s writing and I am setting myself the challenge of buying and reading all of the published books in this multi-series series during 2017.

farseer trilogy.png

Trudi Canavan

Similar to Robin Hobb, I have recently read the first (and bought the second) instalment of the multi-series collection based in the same world. I plan on picking up the final book in the Black Magicians Trilogy soon, but also picking up the Age of Five Trilogy, The Traitor Spy Trilogy, and the continuation of the Millennium’s Rule Series. I currently own the first book in the Traitor Spy Series and the first book in the Millennium’s rule series.

black magicians trilogy

Trials of Apollo #2: The Dark Prophecy // Rick Riordan

So I am just about to start Rick Riordan’s next series, Trials of Apollo and the date for the next book has been released (Feb, 2017) so that has already shot into my to-buy list because I have never read a bad Rick Riordan book and since Camp Half-blood is in it, there is nothing that could go wrong.

*There currently is no cover release for this, however I will be doing a cover release post when it is made available!

Infernal Devices Series // Cassandra Clare

Okay, I have yet to finish the Immortal Instruments Series and that is because I have heard that you need to read the Infernal Devices first. I currently own the first instalment; Clockwork Angel, but plan on getting Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess so I can finally finish both of these series! Oh, this has nothing to do with the epic romance I have heard from these books 😉

infernal devices.png

Empire of Storms // Sarah J Maas

So, it is time for the release of the fifth Throne of Glass instalment and this series does nothing but get better. This is seriously one of the best fantasy series I have ever read and I would recommend them to everyone and anyone who will listen. This is the last but one book for the series (with the last expected around September 2017) so I am expecting amazing things from this book! empire of storms.png

The Kane Chronicles // Rick Riordan

So, I know I mentioned Rick Riordan above, but I feel that the Kane Chronicles are a separate part of Rick Riordan’s work. I don’t currently own any of the Kane Chronicles however I do want to buy the entire trilogy (The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpents Shadow) and marathon them all because that is how I have been reading all of Rick Riordan’s books! This series is set in the same world as Percy Jackson, however they follow Ancient Egyptian Mythology instead of Roman or Greek. kane chronicles

The Seven Realms Series // Cinda Williams Chima

So, I picked up the first instalment The Demon King, without knowing it was part of a very famous and much loved series; although I haven’t started it yet I know from the views of people I trust for book reviews that I will want more. There are four books to this series, I plan on picking up the remaining three very soon (The Exiled Queen, The Grey Wolf Throne, and The Crimson Crown).

seven realms.png

The Poisoned Blade // Kate Elliott

I have recently read the prequel to this The Court of Fives, a novel about a competition, caste, and friendship. I loved the book and look forward to continuing with the series; especially as the final instalment (yet to be named) is set to be released in 2017.

poisoned blade.png

So those are the next books I am looking to buy and add to the ever growing TBR pile, do you have a book lined up to buy next? Let me know in the comments below!

Helen x


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