My Go To Cookbooks!

Hey guys,

I usually stick to fiction when discussing books on here but I have recently gone through my hoards of cookbooks and realised that I only really refer to a handful of them. But I have four favourites that I refer to at least once a week in my endeavour to explore more food. Something that usually results in burnt pans and a smoke alarm or two going off.

burnt pans.pngOh the disasters I have had in the kitchen…

This post does contain affiliate links to Amazon, as I do recommend picking all of these books up and adding them to your repertoire for your reference! All of these are really inspiring books, with easy to follow recipes and beautiful images.

Eat Like You Give A Fuck

thug kitchen.pngThis is a brutally honest cookbook; expect some serious cussing in this book but the foody rewards for putting up the over0used f-bomb are well worth it! There is something for every time of the day in this cookbook, breakfasts that are to die for (like Tofu Scramble Tacos, pg8), luscious lunches (like the Spiced Chickpea Wraps, pg 32), gorgeous dinners (like the Pozole Rojo (chili soup), pg 90), and never forgetting the deserts! (like strawberry shortcake, page 190).

eat a salad.png

I have cooked so many things out of this book and I yet to find one that I don’t like! I get it out whenever I have friends round, or there is a party and I need some quick, super delicious food to tempt people with.

5* I would highly recommend you go and get this book pronto! Check out Amazon!

Keep it Vegan

keep it vegan.pngThis is a really sweet, simple vegan cookbook by Aine Carlin; using simple ingredients to produce some healthy and delicious food. A recipe that I use a lot is the breakfast brownie (pg. 19), sweet and delicious but surprisingly healthy; I love starting the day with one, or three! There is also a really yummy Chana Masala that I highly recommend! (pg. 61)

But I could never go vegan

but i could never go vegan.pngThis was one of the first cookbooks I bought when I switched over to a vegan lifestyle, Kirsty Turner converts so many meals that you think could never in a million years have a vegan alternative and lays it all out for you. Its clean, straight to the point and has some delicious recipes! It even has a whole chapter on making tofu edible!

And finally…

Anything by A Girl Called Jack!

Now these aren’t vegan cookbooks, I have all of the cookbooks that she has currently published and I love them all. I bought these when I first started being a student because she makes meals from pennies and she really breaks it down into how to get the most bang for your buck. These books are full to the brim with recipes like penny pizzas and use me for everything tomato sauce. A lot of these recipes are accidentally vegan purely because meat and dairy is expensive; and these don’t use replacements either. Just some really good, wholesome, cheap meals; please buy these!

a girl called jack.png

So, there you have it. My four go to cookbooks for when I need to fill my face with delicious food! I hope you don’t mind me straying a little from the norm today, but I was hungry when I first drafted this out and there is no point wasting of post. Plus, technically it was about books 😉 x

Helen x


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