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Perplexed at Diversity

via Daily Prompt: Perplexed

Hey guys,

This is just a quick but important update from me, as you are aware we have been doing a diversity awareness and inclusion week, read-a-thons, blog posts, anything that can really highlight the importance of the issue. I am in the middle of compiling several posts recommending books surrounding different areas of diversity, my fantasy recommendations looking at women of colour post is already live.

However, I did notice that finding books that are open and clear about elements of diversity is harder and harder. I am currently working on LBGT, transgender, and disability lists and it is shocking how many may highlight it as a possibility (such as in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- the baiting of Albus’ sexuality was insulting) but never really commit. Going through my read shelf, I have found that hardly any every truly say ‘yes I am [insert characteristic]’.

It is infuriating!

hope.pngBut there is hope…

I have also been compiling my most anticipate releases for the next few months and I am happy that more books are open that their main character is Lesbian/ Gay/ Transgender. I’ve also found an increase of YA fantasy that follow POC and more noticeably, women of colour.

So, I may be perplexed at the lack of diversity in such a dominating genre; times are changing and I hope that soon there wont be such a lack of diversity for any group ~ or perhaps that just wishful thinking?

Helen x


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