Review: The Fire Prince

Hey guys,

So I am making progress on the Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy this month and the second book is The Fire Prince, by Emily Gee. So the overall feel of this book is that it’s ‘good’. Let me explain.

the fire prince

I loved the first instalment (although it was extremely slow for me at the beginning) and expected the same from this. I cant explain any of the plot of this book because it does spoil some elements of the first instalment but what I can explain is the overall adventure; Prince Harkland is on a quest to save the Seven Kingdoms from an ancient curse that can only be stopped when he places his hands and blood on three well-spaced stones. But Prince Harkland is being hunted because he is also a mage/ witch, his father has sent assassins and then the curse is turning people into cannibals and is sweeping across the kingdoms. One of the biggest problems, is that Prince Harkland hates witches, so in order to protect him the shape-shifting mages have to break some of the fundamental laws of their kind when they take the form of another man (Justin) to become his armsman.

Now I did enjoy this book, I did; but it felt lacking. The pace was quick, reading the entire book across one day; but unlike the first one, I felt less conflict and it definitely had the middle-book-blues. I felt that the characters really didn’t develop that much other than hints at confusion and developing in people’s views.

Another key element of this instalment was virginity and Innis (the main person who takes over as Justin), there are a few comments that felt like they were shaming her for being a virgin but then there were also comments that felt like they were sex shaming. Of course these don’t cancel each other out, especially when it seems like a constant battle between the two; so they did pull me back from the comfort with the read.

Just as a warning, there are a lot of dream scenes that are not clearly labelled as dreams so when people start having sex and you’re like ‘what!’ and there is a dream where there is forceful sex which some may consider ‘rape’. With people saying things like ‘it’s my dream’ and ‘I’ll do what I like’ making the scene feel very uncomfortable.

Okay, I think I have moaned about this book for a bit longer than I originally planned to; one thing I did enjoy about this was that a character I couldn’t stand in the first (Jaume) really came into his own and had an actual plot line which I was so thankful for after him just wondering across a country for a whole book.

Overall this was a 3 star read for me, mainly because of Jaume and Innis. I will be continuing with the series, well finishing the series, hopefully during September as well. This was an impulse buy trilogy and honestly when I first slipped out of my high fantasy reading sprint I thought this series would be on my shelves for years and thankfully they are not as slow or tedious as I first thought they would be. Hopefully some of the problems I have highlighted in this instalment will be dealt with in the final instalment; I have written down a few predictions (that I am not going to share) so it will be interesting to see if this is as predictable as it is beginning to feel.

Pick up this book today!

The Fire Prince: Book 2 (Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy)

Helen x


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