#Diverseathon TBR

Hey guys,

So recently the concept of diversity within literature has been questioned and debates have gathered; although a lot of arguments have somehow noted that there shouldn’t be a concern for the lack of diversity in literature, there has been a surge in appreciation for diversity. #Diverseathon was created by a group of amazing youtubers who have decided that next week (12th – 18th September) should be dedicated to reading diverse characters.

Diversity is a broad topic; it could mean anything from reading about people of colour (POC), it could mean reading from authors who are POC, it could mean reading about different sexualities, it could mean reading about those who character is transgender. So the variety of how diversity can be reached is pretty wide, meaning there is no real reason for people to say that this read-a-thon is too difficult.

The creators of this wonderful read-a-thon went a step further, creating a document (ever-growing) containing a list of books people have considered diverse. Check it out here! I chose several of my books for this read-a-thon from this list!

Winter // Marissa Meyer

So, the first book on my TBR pile is the final book in the Lunar Chronicles; a series that has been noted for having several POC main characters and having a culturally diverse character set. This is a rather large book, as I am also doing the slow read-a-thon; this will be my focus for that read-a-thon.

A Thousand Pieces of You // Claudia Gray

This is the first instalment in the Firebird Trilogy and follows the main character jumping from one dimension to another in the search for the person she believes killed her parents. Although this was from the document mentioned above, I’m not sure which elements of this read are considered diverse so I am looking forward to exploring and finding out.

The Wrath and The Dawn // Renee Ahdieh

This is a thousand and one night retelling set in an Eastern Country (I apologise that I don’t know which, I believe it is fantasy but is based around a specific country!) with all of the characters being POC. This is the first half of a duology, which I intend to pick up next month; following the main character Shahrzad who volunteers to marry the King, usually an honour but in this the King’s wife doesn’t last the night. Although she leaves seeking revenge, I believe there is more in store.

Angelfall // Susan Ee

The final book I have chosen from the list, specifically for this TBR is Angelfall, the first book in the Angelfall trilogy; I have the whole trilogy on my TBR shelf so I am hoping that I can not only fly through this instalment but the next two (but these are not necessarily my main aim) as well. I know very little about this trilogy, only that it is a post-apocalyptic world based on Angels coming back to cleanse the world. I have been told that this is very culturally diverse and has several POC throughout.

With those four reads, I am adding a few more that haven’t been highlighted as diverse but were either on my TBR for this week before hearing about the read-a-thon, or I believe may have diverse elements that no one has added to the list yet.

Assassin’s Heart // Sarah Ahiers

This is a revenge fantasy where the main character Lea Saldana is an assassin for one of the nine major houses; that is until her whole house is murdered and burned to the ground. This was originally on my TBR for this week, at 420 pages I hope to fly through this.

Half the World // Joe Abercrombie

This is the second instalment of the Shattered Sea Trilogy, the first of which followed a deformed main character Yarvi; this instalment does feature Yarvi however the main focus is on Thorn a young girl who is being controlled by Yarvi. I would consider this a diverse read because I would like to see more acceptance of characters with physical and mental disabilities feature in epic adventures.

I know that there are a lot of books on this list, several of them are short and relatively quick reads; hopefully this means that I can push through all of them. Let me know in the comments below whether you are going to be participating in this read-a-thon and what diverse books you plan on reading next week.

Helen x


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