Weekly wrap-up: September 2016 &#ReadThemAllThon week 3!

Hey guys,

So today marks the end of a pretty successful reading week and the end of the awesome Pokémon read-a-thon #readthemallthon. Now both of these have been really great because I have spent a lot of time reading this week, managing to get some bigger books off my shelves! Yay! But, I have also made writing progress!

Productivity for the win!

As all my reading for this week was for the #readthemallthon I will simply contain them both in this section and will see how my Gyardos is fairing CP wise at the end of this adventure!

So I have read 5 book this week; two rather large books!

My points!

I started this week on: 621CP

I have completed 1968 number of pages and have risen to 817CP (10 pages =1CP)

I have posted 0 reviews and have not earned any more CP (1 review = 20CP)

I have gained 3 gym badges and have risen to 877CP (1 badge = 20CP)

I have finished 4 books this week and have risen to 957CP (1 book = 20CP)

I have posted 0 number of tweets (using #) and have not earned any more CP

My CP at the end of the week stands at: 957CP

Guys I cant believe that during these three weeks I have earned so many, I thought I was crazy using Magikarp and needing to earn so many CP points but honestly even after not using Twitter or playing Pokémon Go during the read-a-thon I am really happy with the outcome!


Usually, at the end of each week I only announce the badges I have earned that week, however as we are wrapping up the entire read-a-thon I thought it would be a good idea to  look back and see how each of my badges were earned!

gym 1

The first badge is from Pewter and in order to obtain it I needed to read the first book in a series; although I did a lot of this, I chose Half-blood by Jennifer L Armentrout to represent! This proved to be a really fast paced, interesting read about a unique view of demi-god, half-blood beings. I enjoyed it thoroughly and plan on hopefully finishing the series this year!

gym 2.png

The second badge is Cerulean City badge and in order to obtain it I needed to read a book that made me cry, now I managed to do this this week because of Divine by Blood the third instalment of the Goddess of Partholon Series by P.C. Cast. There are things that happen in this book that broke my cold heart, some of the deaths were so unexpected, so emotionally written that I had to put the book down and blubber for a good 10 minutes before trying to continue!

gym 3.png

The third badge is Vermillion City badge and in order to obtain it I needed to read a book with thunderous hype. I also managed to get this badge this week thanks to my first read of the week; The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan, this was everywhere and people have loved not only the series but this book in particular. Honestly I felt other books in the series were done better but I could tell why this received the hype that it did. Wait for my series review!

gym 4

The fourth badge is the Celadon City badge and in order to obtain it I needed to read a book containing diversity, although I found this really easy as many of the books I have read over the past three weeks have contained people of colour, people of varying sexualities, varying cultures; the read I am dedicating to this is Court of Fives by Kate Elliott because it contained all of this and more. With inequality and servitude at the core of the plot-line I thought it fit this badge perfectly!

gym 5

The fifth badge is the Fushcia City badge and in order to obtain it I needed to read a book with an epic romance; now I had planned on reading Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare for this however as I was reading Divine by Choice by P.C. Cast I found the depth of love between Shannon and ClanFintan spread across different versions of their world and even resulted in a true act of love.

gym 6

The Sixth badge is the Saffron City badge and in order to obtain it I needed to read a book which has fantasy elements. As I was reading the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan I decided that House of Hades (The Fourth Installment) had enough fantasy elements having Gods, half-bloods, monsters, magic, and the Underworld.

gym 7

The Seventh badge is the Cinnibar City badge and in order to obtain it I needed to read a book with a red cover and for this I chose another Heroes of Olympus instalment (I am starting to think that this read-a-thon should be a Rick Riordan one…) and that is The Mark of Athena as to me the cover is predominately red (it looks more brown on the screen…).

gym 8.png

And we are on to the final badge for the read-a-thon and that is Viridian City badge, in order to obtain this badge I needed to read a book set in a post apocalyptic world and guys I tried. I started and got roughly half way through Ashes by Ilsa Bick which is set in a world that has just been hit by an EMP and half of the world has gone cannibal. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it, firstly it felt like nothing was happening and secondly after 200 pages I still wasn’t connected to the main character. I tried guys.

Now this week I also read two books that didn’t fill any of the badges; Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas and The Fire Prince by Emily Gee. Both of these I thoroughly enjoyed and I would highly recommend both of these series!

Writing Front…

So just a quick note on my writing progress for this week; PeNaNo has officially begun and I have completed just under 5,000 words so far (across two projects because ideas…) and I am happy with how it is growing. I am pantsing this WriMo because the idea came the night before and even though I had planned to work on other things I have ended up working on a middle-grade fantasy based in a cursed school, with tormented teachers, dragons, and a trap-door to somewhere different. I am looking forward to how this is going to develop!

I hope you have all had a wonderful week and a great read-a-thon! Let me know your favourite book I read this week (mine was Queen of Shadows!) and how your writing is going!

Helen x


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