Plot Ahead: Introduction [1/9]

Hey guys,

So as promised this is another mini series for the long run up to National Novel Writing Month! This series, you guessed it; is all about working with your plot. This series is going to be breaking down the plotting and build up of plot across the storyline; this will hopefully help with the planning for NaNo but also reminders for those who pantz writing (I don’t know how you do it, but I am jealous- one year I will try this!).

So what exactly can I talk about for another eight posts that I probably haven’t covered before?

  • Cliché plot lines and how to use them
  • Creating the inciting incident and when to use it
  • Discussing the elements of the first ‘Act’
  • Discussing the elements of the second ‘Act’
  • Discussing the elements of the final ‘Act’
  • How to create a worthy climax
  • What about when the final battles over
  • What if you have gaps in your plot?

Okay, so we have a basic outline for the series… see what I did there? Hehe!

The outline we’ll be following is the three Act Structure, the basic outline most people consider when you think of a story. A beginning. A middle. And an end. There are a few other things of interest, areas that I have previously struggled with in the past, and what I tend to do.

Now these aren’t going to be perfect and all inclusive breakdown of the structure, after all, each story will be different and different things may be highlighted.

If you have any elements that you would like more focus on, let me know in the comments below.

I look forward to seeing you all through this series.

Helen x


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