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#slowathon announcement and TBR

Hey guys,

So I have just stumbled a read-a-thon that is really interesting me, and although I have already set me a huge TBR for the month (16 books and counting) but this is such a unique read-a-thon that I really wanted to check it out. This read-a-thon is a week long read-a-thon starting 12am on Monday 12th September, till 11.59pm on Sunday 18th September!

So what is the slow read-a-thon?

Okay, we all know that read-a-thons are when we get a heap tonne of reading done and bash out 5,6,7 books in a week. Well the aim of this read-a-thon is totally opposite; you slow down your reading and really get involved with the book (this is not saying you don’t get involved when you read a fast book) and emerge yourself. Focus on one or two books and really get involved and creative with your book.

Reading Quality over reading Quantity, Marlinelina

Now, logic dictate that I choose books that already on my list for this TBR but one of the challenges is to pick an intimidating book and none of the books were really that intimidating this month. So I just added another to the list and if that one is completed for the end of the read-a-thon then I will be picking from the last few books on my months TBR.

So when I think about immersive and daunting books, I think huge high fantasy and I’m not going to lie that is what I picked! I decided that it is about time I picked up The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson!


Now I have tried to get into this once before, when I first tried to get into high fantasy and I failed miserably. I got 12 pages in and just stopped and never picked it back up again. Now is the time! It is 643 pages long and although I know I can read that in a day, I really want to slow the reading down so I can understand the complexities of the world building and magic system. I do plan on getting through this entire series (mainly because they are all sitting on my shelves staring at me) and my plan was to at least start getting through them this year, so this read-a-thon is perfect for this!

But if I do complete this early within the week, I do plan on returning to my original TBR and either picking up the next (whichever remains by then) of the Shattered Sea Trilogy Joe Abercrombie, or the final installation of the Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy by Emily Gee. Either way I will let you know throughout the week!

If you wanna participate in this read-a-thon I highly recommend it! Let me know what you have planned in the comments below. Sorry for the slow posting this month guys, with PeNaNo and the beginning of my training looming I am trying to get as much reading and writing done! I haven’t forgotten you!

Helen x


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