September TBR 2016

Hey guys,

I know, two planned in one day! I am going through my TBR and decided that I would like to share my aims (reading-wise) for the month because it is going to be a busy month (towards the end anyway) but I am being ambitious!

Pure // Jennifer L Armentrout

This is the second in the Covenant Series and I finished the first Half-blood in one very fast read during August, I am hoping that I am going to get through this one just as fast. I do have the entire series on my shelves, so if I find that I want to continue with the series straight away, I will be picking up the next instalment as well; Deity.


Divine by Blood // P.C. Cast

This is the final instalment of the original Partholon trilogy, with the next two instalments (not currently owned) following different characters. I have flown through this series and really look forward to getting through the last one, it is one of the first on my list for this month. I do plan on picking up the rest of the instalments, but that will have to wait until I have reached my TBR aim!

divine by blood

Clockwork Angel // Cassandra Clare

So, I have yet to finish The Mortal Instruments because I have been told that it spoils elements of this trilogy. I do only own the first instalment as it was one of the last books I bought before enacting the book buying ban. I have already added the rest of the series on to the book buying list for when I do start earning again (hopefully in October but that is if they decide to pay me during training, if not it is looking at closer to Jan 2017).

infernal devices

Mockingjay // Susan Collins

Guys, I am putting this off and putting this off because I know that things happen (I have watched the movies) and I know that people have had some really serious complaints about this book in particular. However, if I don’t read this book this month, will someone please come and slap me. The rest of the trilogy (for those that may not know, this is the final book in the Hunger Games Trilogy) I finished months ago and I really just need to sit down and plough through it!


Queen of Shadows & Empire of Storms // Sarah J Maas

Whether I can read both of these instalments of the Throne of Glass Series will completely depend on my parents, I am in the process of persuading my lovely parents to buy the newest release. If I don’t get it, likely outcome, then this will be the first book I buy when I get paid. I do however, plan on completing Queen of Shadows, no matter what.

empire of storms

The Fire Prince & The Blood Curse // Emily Gee

So I started the Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy last month and aim to complete it this month; I do own the entirety of this series (bought without even knowing what it was about) and I loved the first instalment The Sentinel Mage. These are dense reads, they require a bit of concentration so I am hoping that I can get to both this month.

the fire prince.png

Independent Study & Graduation Day // Joelle Charbonneau

These are the final two books in the Testing Trilogy, a dystopian set around completing education and competing to become part of the only University. I read the first book over the last two months (I was really struggling thanks to the slump) and really just want to complete the trilogy and find out what is actually going on.

the testing trilogy.png

Kingdom of Ashes // Rhiannon Thomas

This is the sequel to A Wicked Thing that I completed at the end of August, I do believe that this is all of the published series (please correct me if I am wrong) and is following Aurora (A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty) on her adventures after waking from her cursed sleep. I loved the first instalment, finding it fast paced and exciting. I am hoping to fly through this one just the same.

kingdom of ashes.png

Burning Glass // Kathryn Purdie

This is one of the only books this month that is not a continuation of a series that I have been working on, it is a book that has been sat on my shelves for a while and I have decided that I might need a break from the series for a while.

burning glass.png

Half the World & Half a War // Joe Abercrombie

So, I got out of my reading slump thanks to the first instalment of this series (The Shattered Sea Series) so I have decided to try and finish this trilogy of companion novels. As I found out, this series follows different characters for each book; I am looking forward to seeing how each of the other characters compare.

the shattered sea trilogy

The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle // Rick Riordan

So, now I have completed the Heroes of Olympus Series, I have decided to go on to Rick Riordan’s newest Series set in the same world. This sounds amazing, hilarious, and of course full of adventure. Rick Riordan has developed into one of my favourite authors and I cannot wait till I can pick up more of his work.

trials of apollo.png

So those are the books I am planning on completing this month, I know this is really ambitious but I am currently on a reading high and hopefully it will continue throughout September. Have you read any of the books I plan on? Were they amazing? What do you plan on reading this month? Let me know in the comments below! I love hearing from all of you!

Helen x


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