August 2016: Wrap-up

Hey guys,

So we have come to the end of the month and I think that it has been rather productive, especially for my reading and writing. It is (hopefully) the last full month before my training begins for my new job which means that my reading and writing time is going to plummet. I have however, prepped several posts for September/ October/ November already because I know that I will most likely be unable to keep a regular schedule.

But back on to this months accomplishments!

Writing progress!

So I am glad to say that my writing bug definitely returned this month, I have drafted a few short pieces and worked on my outlines for two new projects. I have also gone back to an old project (Red Peril) and found a love for it! Although I am planning on participating in PeNaNo, I have yet to finalise which project I am going to be working on.

Reading News…

This month I have completed 14 books which I am rather happy with, I was in a reading slump through July so I am happy to be out of it now. I did consider going through every book I have read this month but that it going to be tedious and honestly I think you might find it boring. Quite a few of the books have already got reviews up, links to each months reviews can be found on the page at the top!

Although I have started several (7) series this month, I have also completed the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan which has been my aim for the last two months. It was a fantastic series and I am currently working on a series review to go up during September. I was expecting the final book (Blood of Olympus) to be my favourite of the series, but I found I enjoyed House of Hades a lot more. Although it did bring a tear to my eye at several points, I felt that House of Hades had a lot more action and explored the characters more.

As I have mentioned, I have started seven series this month:

  • The Shattered Sea Trilogy
  • The Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy
  • The Farseer Trilogy (Also, the continuation trilogies set in the same world)
  • The Partholon Series
  • The Covenant Series
  • A Wicked Thing Series
  • Court of Fives Series

I have also made progress on The Falling Kingdoms Series. One of my main aims for the year was to get through as many series as possible because I have collected several full series without even starting the first. Although I have completed several series through the year, I want to push and see just how many I can get completed. My TBR for September will also be posted today, and you will see that I have been thinking about this aim in particular when considering which books to include.

In other news…

So, the end of my 30 day challenge is drawing very close and although I have slipped up occasionally (having a sip of fizzy pop here, having one takeaway, and having a cookie) I am really quite happy with how I am feeling thanks to this month. I originally found myself really thirsty all of the time, but now I have found when I need to drink in order to not be constantly drinking all day (worked out that I need a good drink every 2-3 hours). I also found what healthier foods keep my satisfied, what I have been turning to when I need something sweet and how to get around not having conventional fizzy drinks when out and about. Although my weight-loss plateaued, I do feel healthier and refreshed. I think I will be continuing to avoid fizzy drinks, while also keeping junk and sugar intake to a minimum.

Well, that was my month guys, how was yours? Did you get your aims met? Let me know in the comments below!

Helen x


3 thoughts on “August 2016: Wrap-up

  1. Heroes of Olympus series was fun. The first book is my fav though, The Lost Hero. I didn’t like the last book much either.
    I didn’t read as much as I wanted to in August but I think it went well.


    1. I loved The Lost Hero, although I missed Percy in it I loved how connected I got in the characters and after the original PJ series it was definitely a breath of fresh air reading about new characters! But I guess that’s why I love this series more than the original; you see so much more of others that the world becomes so much more. I have put Trials of Apollo on my TBR for next week mainly because I really want one more look into the half-blood world before we have to wait for the next one 😦


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