#ReadThemAllThon Week 2 & General Wrap-up

Hey guys,

So I am doing a quick wrap-up this week because I am in the middle of another awesome read and I really want to get back to it! I am going to do my ReadThemAllThon wrap-up but first I will quickly mention some of the writing I have been working on this week.


So, I have been doing a bit of actual writing this week and not just plotting; I have worked on two pieces around 2000 words each and I have finally returned to Red Peril, my Camp NaNo project from April. Although I only managed to get the first 20,000 words of Red Peril complete during Camp, after reading through it I am extremely happy with where is it going; I have decided that there will be some serious replotting involved with the remainder of the book but I have found my love for the characters again and seriously want to start spending some serious time working on this project.


So this is the second week of the read-a-thon and I am quite happy with the progress I have made; I have completed several books this week and earned some serious CP. Lets have a closer look.

Magikarp CP points:

I started this week on: 180CP

I have completed 2011 number of pages and have risen to 381CP (10 pages =1CP)

I have posted 0 reviews and have not earned any more CP (1 review = 20CP)

I have gained 2 gym badges and have risen to 421CP (1 badge = 20CP)

I have finished 4 books this week and have risen to 501CP (1 book = 20CP)

I have posted 0 number of tweets (using #) and have not earned any more CP

As I have earned over 450CP, I have evolved my Magikarp into Gyarados and have earned an additional 120CP!

My CP at the end of the week stands at: 621CP

The Books I have read/ gym badges!

So I have completed another two gym badges (it would have been three but I could not force myself to finish Ashes by Ilsa Bick) so lets first have a look at the books that conquered them!

gym 1

half blood armentroutThe book I have read that fulfils the first in a series requirement for the Pewter badge was Half-blood by Jennifer L Armentrout, the first in the covenant series. I loved every moment of this book and although it was slower to start with, it was definitely worth it! I plan on continuing with the series next month (maybe even in the last few days of the read-a-thon!).

divine by mistakeA second book that I complete that would have met this aim was Divine by Mistake by P.C. Cast, the start of the Goddess of Partholon series and the biggest book I have read this week. A fun and very fast read!

gym 4.png

a court of fivesDiversity, to me, is such a broad term that there were so many methods for me meeting this badge. However, I choose to read a book that highlights cultural diversity, as well as include LGBT characters. A Court of Fives, by Kate Elliott has beautifully worked culture clashes and respect into some extraordinary characters. Although this was a slow start to a series, I do plan on continuing with this because I just need to know what happens after the cliff-hanger.

Other books have read this week!

a wicked thingI have read one other book that could have met the Pewter badge (actually, all of the books I have read this week were the first books in series’!) however, only one book can fulfil the badge. A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas is a retelling of sleeping beauty, considering what happens after Princess Aurora wakes to the Prince.

Overall, I was really happy with this week. I am already starting with the reads for the final week of the read-a-thon (it is a little early as it is not passed midnight but its one big read-a-thon!). How was your week? Let me know in the comments below your favourite read of the week and if you worked on any writing this week!

I love hearing from you guys!

Helen x


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