#PeNaNoWriMo Aims

Hey guys,

So a new NaNoWriMo month has been added to the ever filling calendar with September being dubbed ‘PeNaNoWriMo’ by a group on Facebook. It is following the same rules as camp NaNos, meaning that you can set your own word goal (min: 10,000 words) and work on multiple projects, editing, song-writing; basically anything that has words in it. Although I start my training at the end of September, I can feel my writing bug return as we creep ever closer to the wonder that is November!

Okay, so my word goal for the month is 25,000; I know it isn’t as ambitious as my usual 50,000 but I wanted less stress but also a bit of a challenge. I’m counting this month as a warm up to the big one! So what will I be working on?

Well the first thing, and frankly the bulk of the word count will come from a short story/ novella length story, I plan on working on. Now this doesn’t have a title yet, but it is set in a school where the head-mistress is an evil overlord (not just for the students but for the whole underground evil community) and when the child of a superhero ends up at the school all ‘hell’ breaks loose and antics ensue. I haven’t had time to develop this fully, so for once this is going to be more of a pantse into the story, rather than my meticulous planning. I would like this short story to be around the 10,000 word mark, if I end up getting closer to 15,000 I will be even happier.

But that doesn’t meet all of the words for the goal? Well no, it doesn’t. But I do plan on working on some even shorter stories (around 2,000 to 4,000 word mark), I do have 20 prompts ready to use and although I am writing them during PeNaNo I plan on editing and uploading them to here between now and New Year! So, all going to plan, you may see more of my actual writing over the next few months.

Between these two projects I think I will be able to pass my goal of 25,000 words during the month of September.

So my friends, what are your aims for the month of September? Are you planning on joining me for the writing adventure or are you going to be reading? I have set aside 12 books to read during September, whether I get to them all is something else.

Helen x


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