#BoutofBooks 17.0 mid-point 1 update!

Hey guys,

So this is just going to be a quick update letting you know how I am going with my reading aim for this week; although I have made progress for the #ReadThemAllThon, I will keep that update for Sunday because it will just get confusing for me. Now I did set myself quite a large task of reading a book a day this week, of which I haven’t completed yet because well, life.

I set myself 7 books I wanted to read this week:

  1. Divine by Mistake // P.C. Cast 🙂
  2. Half-blood // Jennifer L Armentrout
  3. A Wicked Thing // Rhiannon Thomas
  4. Ashes // Ilsa Black
  5. The Court of Fives // Kate Elliott
  6. The Dark Heroine // Abigale Gibbs
  7. Beauty // Robin McKinley

divine by mistake

So far I have completed Divine by Mistake which I didn’t realise was almost 700 pages and that kinda explains why it took me a few days reading to get through. I’m not going to lie, this book did read really fast but life generally intervened so I couldn’t read it in two sittings like I wanted.

half blood armentrout

I am also just over half way through Half-blood which is totally opposite to Divine by Mistake, it is deceptively shorter than it looks, mainly because there is an 80 page novella in the back of my print. Whether I do read this or not (I will count it as an extra read because I hadn’t got a clue it was there!) will be based on how I feel at the end of the 307 pages of Half-blood. I am enjoying the book, I hope the pace increases because I would like to complete this read today.

I have set myself a reading order for the week, based on how much other stuff I originally had planned for the day. I have heard that many of the books on this TBR are considered fast reads, so I am hoping that I can pull back some of the lost reading time. I do have several reviews that I am working on(what’s new?) including last weeks House of Hades, and this weeks reads (needing those CP points for my Magikarp!).

My next update will be Friday, letting you know my progress and my reading plans for the weekend because as of today, I have nothing but reading planned! And of course it is a bank holiday weekend so I will most likely be dedicating Monday to reading a book that is just staring at me constantly… Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan- the final Heroes of Olympus book!

the blood of olympus

I hope you guys are having a wonderful reading week! Let me know what you are reading in the comments below!

Helen x


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