#ReadThemAllThon & Weekly Update: 15-21 August 2016

Hey guys,

So back for another update and this week has been a little interesting; firstly with the whole internet mess-up and then WordPress took on a whole life of its own and published all of my scheduled posts in one day rather than across two weeks like I had planned. Either way, the posts have been published and there is little point in deleting them off now, is there. So what have I been up to this week? I’ve have been trying to get quite a bit of reading done, but I have managed a little more progress on my NaNo project and I signed up for another ‘camp’ NaNo in September which I have short stories and flash fiction pieces planned!


In other reading news, I was pointed to the pokemon read-a-thon that has a host of challenges and pokemon training and all sorts of wonderfulness to it! As I started late (17th instead of the 14th) I included everything I had read from Monday in the count as technically it was within the time.

Magikarp CP points:

I started this week on: 10CP

I have completed 1183 number of pages and have risen to 119CP (10 pages =1CP)

I have posted 1 reviews and have risen to 139CP (1 review = 20CP)

I have gained 2 gym badges and have risen to 179CP (1 badge = 20CP)

I have posted 1 number of tweets (using #) and have risen to 180CP (1 tweet = 2CP)

My CP at the end of the week stands at: 180CP

Gym badges

gym 7

mark of athena.pngSo for this badge I had originally panned to read Beauty by Robin McKinley, however after completing my first book of the read-a-thon I decided I really wanted a badge for the effort. The cover of Mark of Athena is basically completely red, therefore I definitely count this as my book I choose for Cinnabar Island!

Okay, it looks a lot less red in the image, but if you have read the series you know how red it is!

gym 6

house of hades.pngSo for this badge I decided to continue with the Heroes of Olympus Series with the fourth instalment; House of Hades. This is definitely a fantasy series as it is based on Greek and Roman mythology and it is amazing!

I have started Divine by Mistake by P.C Cast and although I have read a few hundred pages, I wont count it in this week because knowing me I will forget and recount the pages when calculating my overall CP for next week. I do have a lot of reading time planned for next week so I am hoping to get Magikarp evolved (with me luck!).

Reviews Posted this week:

The Mark of Athena: Posted

Writing Wrap-up:

As I tried to promise from last weeks wrap-up, I spent almost an entire day working on my outlining; I worked a lot more on my characters (note the increase in character related posts- now you know why!) while also brainstorming some short story ideas for September. So far, I have six that I would like to work on; a few of these are going to be around the 1000 word mark but others I am aiming to get close to 5 to 10k. I have set myself the aim of writing 25k in September as a warm up to NaNo and I look forward to keeping you all involved! — On a side note, I am planning on posting more writing on here eventually, I do suffer with anxiety when it comes to people reading my writing so hopefully with a mass of short stories, I can work on them till I am happy enough to get them up on here!


Of course, the 30 day challenge still looms precariously over my head. I have been good this week, no fizzy pop (even when I was out and about), I did have 2 bourbon biscuits but it was a breakfast fix because I got up late. In terms of no added sugar, I did have a Ribena drink that I am sure had more sugar than I had in the two weeks leading up to it; other than a tea-spoon of sugar in a single coffee one morning (I woke up feeling terrible and wanted a hot drink to try and wake myself up!). I have lost again this week, loosing another 2lbs which I am happy about!

No cinema visits this week, but I have spent a lot more time in nature as me and my friends have been taking walks along canals, through woodland, and general green areas. Although I would have liked it to be everyday, I did go walking three times this week; which really refreshed and made me feel really good and vibrant. I found myself focused more and got most of my work done on the evenings after the walks!

Overall, I think this week has been a really productive and effective week. I hope you have all had a wonderful week and managed to get all the jobs done that you set out  to achieve!

Helen x


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