A Review: The Mark of Athena

Hey guys,

So I know you are probably sick of reviews after how many went up over the last few weeks so I am keeping this one short (oh and this is the middle of the series book). As you know, I have been working my way through The Heroes of Olympus Series and I have just passed the half way mark and golly this series just gets better and better!

the mark of athenaSo if you didn’t know, this is the second series set in the Half-blood world where the children of Greek/Roman Gods run around Earth doing crazy, dangerous quests that basically save the lives of the Gods. This instalment is no different, except usually there are three demigods running around and now there are seven, maybe more. Without really spoiling the plots of the first two, this is the start of the main quest; with the first two books leading perfectly to this one.

Where the previous instalments focused on getting memories back and working things out, this book is mainly for Annabeth (okay guys, its not a spoiler; the books got Athena in the title, we all knew it was Annabeth’s time to shine!). Although the main quest is still to defeat an ancient God trying to rise (what’s new?) Annabeth is sent on her own quest to bring Romans and Greeks together by finding something that was stolen centuries ago. You do see the perspectives of four of the group; Annabeth, Hazel, Percy, and Leo, because they each have a plot line, you do get chapters from the rest of the group as well just not as many.

I loved this book, except the first 50 pages (I blame headaches!) I read the entire 586 pages in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. Every pages was filled with character growth, anguish, pain, and lots and lots of action. I lost count of the amount of monster attacks, things that got blown up, tricks; honestly this was the best Rick Riordan book I have ever read- yet. But, be prepared. Get House of Hades ready because there is a cliff-hanger at the end of this book that will mean you run to grab it. I am warning you now.

If you haven’t guessed, this is a five star read! It would be six but that would break my scale! Go, get through this series please!

I am diving straight into the rest of the series and hopefully plan to finish the entire series this week!

Helen x

A #ReadThemAllThon review


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