Bout of Books 17.0 TBR

Hey guys,

So it is that time again and Bout of Books is here!

Bout of Books
I am challenging myself to read 7 books during this read-a-thon; mainly because after my appalling July reading performance, I really need a boost to my reading number. So lets look at the books!
Beauty // Robin McKinley
beauty robin.pngThis is a beauty and the beat retelling I have been looking forward to reading for some time. It is short, sweet, and hopefully enthralling. I have been on a retelling high recently, and I am hoping to add this to the pile of favourites.
Half-Blood // Jennifer L Armentrout
half blood armentrout.png
This is the start to five book (plus some novellas) series and honestly I have never read any of Jennifer’s work before, I am hoping this is going to be great. From the blurb I understand that this is based around the children of gods, also known as Half-bloods; similar to that of The Percy Jackson Series. I have a feeling that this will be somewhat more ‘grown-up’ as I have heard that Jenifer is good at the saucey scenes. From the blurb I see war, slavery, duty, honour, and love… what more could I ask for?
Divine by Mistake // P.C. Cast
divine by mistake.png
This again is the start of series, this time only a trilogy! This is a re-read for me, but it has been around 7 years since I first read it (and honestly I was way too young to even understand it then- high school + quite a few exotic sexy scenes…). I have been looking for this recently and finally found the entire series in a local charity shop! It starts with the main character being transported from her normal life into a rather magical one, where if my memory serves me correctly, she is some kind of Goddess!
A Wicked Thing // Rhiannon Thomas
a wicked thing
This has been on my TBR list for many a read-a-thons and for some reason always gets left behind. I now own the sequel so I really should get on with reading it. It is another retelling, this time of sleeping beauty. I have heard some great things about this book and it’s sequel, which I may also pick up if I have time. It’s relatively short, sounds amazing, and I am frankly ashamed that I always end up putting it back on the shelf.
Ashes // Ilsa Black
ashes .png
This series has a story behind it, because I have acquired each book in the trilogy separately, without even knowing that they were ‘related’. As I have been shopping they have always caught my eye and only when I was organising my bookshelves, did I discover that this was in fact a trilogy. It sounds like a post apocalyptic read, whether that is accurate is a whole other ball ground. The books I picked up from the library (2/3) were marked as teen reads, so I am guessing this will read really fast and not be overly scary. Saying that, I have read some terrifying books that were marked teen and younger!
The Court of Fives // Kate Elliott
a court of fives.png
The Fives is a competition, where no matter who you are going in, everyone is equal. For once, this is a story about an upperclass member of the society entering a games/ competition, to escape the social pressures of being upper class. I don’t know much more about it- honestly, it just appeared on my recommended reads when I read A Court of Thorns and Roses, so I decided pick it up!
The Dark Heroine // Abigale Gibbs
the dark heroine.png
All I know about this book is that there is a vampire in it. Honestly, I don’t know any more than that. I haven’t read the back, I haven’t looked it up. I want to go into this one blind.

So those are the seven books I plan on tackling during the read-a-thon, if I do get these done since some of them are relatively shorter; I do plan on picking one of the series to continue with. As I have the sequels to four of the books on this list, there should be no problem finding one I want to continue with straight away!

So are you planning on participating in Bout of Books 17.0? If so, what do you plan on reading? If you have a blog post with your TBR, leave the link in the comments below and I will be by to check them out!
Good luck my friends,
Helen x

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