A Review: The Son of Neptune

Guys! Percy is back and he is kicking some ass!

son of neptuneSimilar to the first instalment, Percy wakes with no memory of who he is or what his destiny is; when he is chased (really, what’s new!) and is flung into a roman camp for demi-gods. Here he meets two unlikely companions, Frank (son of… actually that’s one of the biggest plot points and I’m not going to tell you 😛 ) and Hazel, who is technically on her second life as she was meant to have died 70 years ago!

With the doors of death still open and the prophecy of the seven yet to be fulfilled; Percy faces some deadly battles to complete the newest quest could be his deadliest. He is welcomed into the Fifth Cohort (a disgraced legion in the Roman Demi-god army) and is quested to bring back the reason for their disgrace; their missing Golden Eagle, lost somewhere is Alaska (the country out of reach of Gods). But giants, basalisks, and oh a big ass army stand in their way!

Plot wise, this is really fast paced; every page filled with one antic or another; you constantly learn more about this new demi-god world and of course, a new side to some old Gods too. I’m not going to discuss the plot past that, mainly because this is the second in a series and honestly I don’t want to spoil anything for you!

Of course, I must be the last one to get around to this series; it’s been on my shelves for years and honestly I am ashamed to not get around to it sooner! This series is getting better and better.

The characters (when compared to the original Percy Jackson Series- which is referred to quite a bit in this book, so I highly recommend reading that series first) are definitely more detailed, more complicated and more unique. You see some old favourites (well my old favourites anyway) from the first series in this instalment, as well as some really great new characters. I think Frank has turned out to be one of my favourite male protagonists; I know everyone loves Percy (I love Percy!) but I think Frank is such a developed character, full of flaws and confusion, nothing really comes easy for him and it was really good to see his struggle (oh, that’s sounds terrible).

There was little chance of this being anything below a 5 star read for me, and honestly if you are putting these off because they are huge compared to the original series, please, please, please, jump into this series and enjoy it!

Go get into this series guys, I am about to pick up the third instalment (The Mark of Athena) and honestly, after the ending of Son of Neptune, this is going to be amazing!

Helen x


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