A Review: Rebel Spring

Hey guys,

So, I have been making some head-way with some of the series I previously started and never continued with; this being one of the best! This is the second instalment of the Falling Kingdoms Series; honestly, I thought this one better than the first!

rebel spring.pngI can’t discuss the actual plot with you, mainly because even knowing the tiniest of details majorly spoils the ending of the first book so this is going to be a shorter review!

Although the plot follows three main characters, Cleo, Lucia, and Jonas; you get a variety of points of view, including a few from the ‘bad-guy’ figure! I really enjoyed this method of telling the story, mainly because you learn a lot about everyone involved and you get deeper connections with the characters. Of course, there is always one character you don’t really connect to (well for me anyway) and for me, it was the ‘Watcher’ characters that you really didn’t get to see. I didn’t enjoy their chapters and I was glad when they were over. But they play a very important role in the plot so you can’t just skip them because things would be really too confusing.

This was a fantastic second installation; it was a lot more diverse than the first, with some LGBT characters and more cultures being prevalent. The rest of the series is definitely on my ‘to-buy’ list now and I will be keeping an eye out for them because although this series is not complete yet, I have heard nothing but great things about each book!

Sorry that this has been a really short review guys, I have a serious no spoiler policy and this makes sequels hard to discuss, especially when the storyline relies heavily on the big event of the previous books.

This was a really strong 4 star book for me, and I have a feeling that these books are just going to get better and better. I highly recommend!

Helen x


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