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Weekly Wrap-up:8-14th August

Hey guys,

I know this is a little late as it is almost half way through the next week, but my internet went down on Thursday and has only been fixed today (not as bad as the TV, that wont be fixed until the 31st!). Last week I focused on a handful of things, I did a bit of reading (admittedly mostly after the TV and internet went down, I did do a bit of outlining for NaNo, and I got some reviews ready to go up (by this I mean I typed them up in a Word Doc. because my internet was gone 😦 ).

On to the reading….

the sentinel mageI completed 3 books, but I also started two more (that I am currently still working on). So the first thing I picked up was The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee, this is the start of the Cursed Kingdoms Trilogy and it was pretty good if I’m being honest. It was packed full of adventure, interesting characters and overall enjoyment. It did take a few days to get through mainly because I was in book hangover from last weeks Harry Potter adventure, but more about my thoughts in the upcoming review!

assassins apprenticThe Second book I read was another high fantasy, and this is the start to both a trilogy but also a series of trilogies based in the same world… if you haven’t guessed by know, I am talking about Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. Guys! I loved this book, it was so complicated and well-written that I wanted to break my book-buying ban and get the rest of the trilogy (thank goodness I gave my mom my bank card and temporarily blocked my Amazon… this is a serious ban!). I have a review that will be going up shortly for this and I highly recommend everyone pick it up.

Now, I finished Assassin’s Apprentice on Sunday, so I wasn’t expecting to complete another book before the end of the week; but guys, then I randomly picked up Rebel Springs by Morgan Rhodes and I sped through those pages like The Flash. I couldn’t put it down, I was pulled in harder than the first Falling Kingdoms instalment and this held me to the very last page. I need to get the rest of this series… now!

Okay, so I managed to finish that in less than three hours- seriously! So I decided to try my luck and just pick up another and see how it goes. First thing I grabbed was The Elites by Natasha Ngan, a dystopian set in a post apocalyptic city that holds a huge amount of secrets- one being that people live outside it’s walls. I loved the premise of this, although it does sound similar to many many dystopians I have read before; but my attention started to wonder after 100 pages or so. So I temporarily put it down (very temporary, I have actually been reading this today).

Then I decided to pick up something that has been staring at me since I completed it’s prequel… The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan, the third instalment in the Heroes of Olympus Series. This is turning into one of my favourite series, I only managed to get 50 pages in before sleep decided to call but I really enjoyed it. I am currently (this weeks preview) flipping between these two reads, with the aim of completing both and preferably two more before Bout of Books.

Lets get writing…

So, in writing news I haven’t made leaps and bounds of progress; I have started to build character profiles and filled in a few missing plot points, other than that I haven’t really looked at it much. I do plan on dedicating a day over the weekend purely to outlining, so next week I should be able to report a bit more to you!

Other News…

So in general I have spending some time with the family and focusing on my food; I was planning on doing a weekly diary style up-date for the 30-day challenge but then the internet disappeared and that stopped that. I did manage to stick to my challenge, the only fizzy pop I have had was at the cinema when they had no other options other than tap water from the bathrooms. I’ve managed to avoid additional sugar, and after a few low sleep days my energy levels have returned to normal. I have completely avoided junk food, I didn’t even have cake at my nephews birthday party. I have lost a few pound this week (3lb to be precise) which means since I started ‘dieting’ again I have currently lost 9lb in 3 weeks… yay!

I have been to the cinema three times (I only drank fizzy pop the first time, the others I cam prepared!); I watched Star Trek Beyond in 3D, which is a fantastic movie and I don’t understand why it hasn’t received the hype it deserves! Then I watched Suicide Squad in 3D with my brother and I am now in love with both Harley Quinn and the Joker… all round fantastic movie and I hope above all else, that they make several sequels! Finally, for my nephews birthday me, my mom, and his mom, took all of the kids (nieces, nephews, and around 20 friends) to watch Finding Dory! It wasn’t *in my opinion* any where near as good as Finding Nemo, I think the characters lacked something in depth but I really did like baby Dory.

Overall this week I spent more time outside my room, with the people I love and relaxing. I cant complain!

How was your week guys? Did you meet your reading goals? Let me know in the comments below.

Helen x


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