Getting a bit lost…

Hey guys,

So I know that is has been a little while since I last posted and that’s because I needed a little hiatus from here and the month of July was a busy one for me. I wanted to spend the month focusing on the important decisions that were going on around me, and therefore I couldn’t focus on the blog as well. There were a few posts that were pre-scheduled for July, unfortunately I have had to recall my Beta readers post as I haven’t been able to finish the short stories in time.

Well, with my apology done, what have I been doing for the last month?

Firstly, I officially finished my Masters Degree in Forensic and Investigative Psychology, this was a huge moment for me because frankly it’s all I have worked for well, for the last four years. I handed in the final piece of coursework and am just waiting for that confirmation of my grade and then I’m off to my Graduation ceremony.

In other news, I have completed another qualification in Test User Ability for Psychometric Testing; this is something I have wanted to do for two reasons. Firstly, it is extremely advantageous career wise as its a more uncommon qualification that works perfectly for my areas of career interest. Secondly, it gives me a really in depth view of how personality influences behavioural responses to stimuli; as part of the qualification is the interpretation of responses. This will be really useful for my character development, as I can ‘get my characters to sit the assessments’ and see if their responses accurately portray the personality I am trying to give them.

And the final bit of  news, well positive news anyway, is that I have made the next step in my career path and have found a new job for the end of the year. Wait… year? Yes, well for the role I will be going into (Prison Role) there is extensive training which wont start until October. I am extremely pumped about this, the application process has taken over 3 month so far and I went for the interview last week, which was a huge success. Of course there is an extensive vetting process, which I presume is the primary reason for the long gap between acceptance and the start of training.

Although this does mean for the next few months I will be free to post as often as I would like, once training begins I am afraid that posting will be scarce as it is 9 weeks of rather intensive training. Between now and then, however, I do plan on building a bank of posts so that I can schedule and continue posting during the training period. This means that I have a lot of posts that I have to develop over the next few months, so is there any posts you would like to see?

Reading and writing wise, nothing has happened in July; I read zero books and I completed less than a thousand words on my writing. I have begun trying to develop my idea for November NaNoWriMo, which, come hell or high water, I plan on succeeding with! It’s looking at a young adult fantasy, based around ghosts and murder. Not my usual tale, but one that has been slowly building over the last month.

So, my friends, what have you been up to in my disappearance? Read any books that you would recommend? (I have been really good, I didn’t buy any books last month either!)

Once again I am sorry for the disappearance and I hope to get back into a blogging routine over the next few days! Let me know what posts you want to see!

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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