#cramathon wrap-up!

Hey guys,

So I did manage to get a tiny tiny tiny bit of reading done over the weekend and that was a graphic novel… so a tiny victory!

rat queens

I managed to read Rat Queens by Peter Panzerfaust, volume 1: Sass and Sorcery! This has been on my TBR for a long time and I finally managed to read it! I think this is amazing and I love the feminist vibe I get from the characters!

rat queens characters

These are diverse, energetic characters that blew me away! These girls take no rubbish from anyone, they aren’t afraid to express who they are and will most definitely kick your arse in a fight! The rest of this series is definitely on my to buy list, shifting them right to the top because I just want more from these ladies!

*Note: I also love how they aren’t overly sexualised, yes they love them some sex but they are realistic fiction. No ridiculously impractical clothing, realistic body shapes for their occupation (it is so refreshing to see female adventurists that actually have thighs, do all the writers think that walking or riding for 16-18 hours a day left them with tiny legs… honestly).

*Secondary note: There is a lot of experimental drug use in the plotline, I thoroughly enjoy reading about it, but I know this is a trigger so I wouldn’t advice if you are sensitive to drug use in graphic novels. No needles, but there are mushrooms and regular drug use.

However!  was definitely a 5 star read for me! I loved the characters, the plot and the artwork! I cannot wait to collect more graphic novels, particularly from this series because I am in love!

Go pick up this series!

Helen x


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