#cramathon TBR

Hey guys,

Like I promised, I am taking part in this weekend read-a-thon where the aim is to read as much as you can in three days July 9th-12th. Now, I do have a small mountain of work to get done over the weekend alongside my reading, but I have put three medium-short length books on my TBR to try and encourage me to actually get some reading done this month (I have only completed 1 book so far this month!).

So lets have a look at the three books I have decided to focus on this weekend.

mockingjayMockingjay // Susan Collins

This is the final instalment in the Hunger Games Trilogy and it is about time I complete this trilogy, if I am being honest. I love the movies, and I am aware that this book holds a lot of critique, but I am pumped to finally get around to it. This is the longest book on my weekend TBR, so I hope I can get through it.

independent study.pngIndependent Study // Joelle Charbonneau

This is the second instalment in the Testing Trilogy, which I started at the beginning of this week and I love it so far. Its a fast paced dystopian, which some great, diverse characters and I am looking forward to seeing how this continue after the end of the first book.

the elitesThe Elites // Natasha Ngan

This is yet another dystopian (I have only just spotted that this will be a dystopian weekend!) based after the world has been reclaimed by nature and only one city remains. An interesting concept, especially paired with the caste system and the unique layers of the main character.

So those are the three reads I plan on completing this weekend, if I happen to get these complete I will pick at the rest of my #AYearAThon TBR. Sorry for the short post, I am trying to be fast as to get back to the ever-growing work piled up on my desk.

Good luck to all those participating this weekend!

Helen x



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