Failing #AYearAThon

Hey guys,

So it is now day 004 and I haven’t read anything since day 001, mainly because I have been working on coursework for some additional training I have been doing. But, I have found something that could, potentially, pull me out of this work induced slump- Cramathon!

This weekend, 9th to the 12th, is the cramathon weekend and I plan on reading a book a day for it! I do have more work to do, but I am hoping to get majority of work done before the 9th so I can relax for a few days and really get some reading done.

So although the next two days will most likely be reading-less, I plan on tackling a few books over the weekend. I will post my tbr list for it tomorrow, just in case I miraculously get any reading done today or tomorrow!

How is your read-a-thon going? Let me know in the comments below!

Helen x


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