#AYearAThon Day 001!

Hey guys,

Just a quick update from me, day 001 was a medium success. Although I almost completed a book, I did spend majority of the day working on a new hobby of mine; clothing alterations. I took apart some old skirts and some shirts, pinned and shaped ready for sewing over the next few days. I am hoping to show you some of the projects on here, if anyone is interested. I do understand that this is has been primarily a literature based blog, however as my interests develop I hope to bring you a wider selection of post topics, including some of my other hobbies.

But what you want to know about are the books!

So my focus for day 001 was The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau a dystopian set in a really fascinating world. This is about a post college competition for places in a university to rebuild the broken and war stricken world. I have managed to get majority of the book completed on day 001, there is about 70 pages left, of which I plan on completing them early on day 002.

the testing

I have a feeling that I will be continuing on with the trilogy during this week.

How did you do on day 001?

Helen x


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