#AYearAThon July 2016 TBR

Hey guys,

So another #AYearAThon is upon us and it is time to announce what I will be reading. I know that over the last few read-a-thons, I have alluded to several books that I would have been attempting for this week. However, once I reached the end of #TBRTakedown, I hit a reading slump thanks to being in a serious training course that took up almost all of my time. I have completed that course now, I do have a few pieces of coursework to get done over the next week but nothing that should prevent me from doing some actual reading.

4th – 10th July

TBR Catch-up

Now I love how free-range this topic is, basically you work on your TBR pile and work through books that are sitting on it. I have a tonne of books physically sitting on my shelves, so I love this sort of read-a-thon.

I have picked out six books total for my set TBR, two of which have already been started (less than 50 pages read of each). I have also set aside another 4/5 books to pick up if I happen to complete all of these early. Five of the set books are within series, which works with my aim of focusing on getting through the many series I have on my shelves. One of them, I am unsure whether is part of a series, I have never heard anyone or seen a sequel, but I will do some more digging once I pick it up.

Enough fluff, lets look at the books on my set TBR.

Fire // Kristin Cashore

fire.pngOkay, this is a companion novel to Graceling (a book I read back in February) and although I don’t own the final companion yet, it is on my to-buy list. This is a series set in a world where people can be born with talents, known as Graces, although my initial thought was that the main character would be graced with fire control (which sounds pretty impressive to me) but after reading the blurb, Fire is her name and her grace is the ability to persuade and charm, but this conflicts her moral code. I for one, don’t read many books where the main character’s gift conflicts with their moral compass. Sounds pretty cool to me!

Mockingjay // Susan Collins

mockingjay.pngThis is the final instalment in The Hunger Games Trilogy and I have finally gotten through to the final book! I have attempted to read this series many times but could never get through the first book, but I have finally made it and I hope that this is a fast paced and better-written book. I have heard many of critiques for this book in particular, that too much happens and it should be two separate books. But I cannot wait to finally understand what they mean. I have watched the movies, so I know some of the big things that happen, but I have heard that it is done a lot better in the books. Excited!

The Elites // Natasha Ngan

the elitesI am unsure whether this is part of a series or is a stand-alone dystopian, but it sounds amazing either way. It follows Silver, who in the society’s caste system should be a ‘red’ a slave, an ethnic Chinese (the lowest level of the caste system) but instead finds herself an Elite. Elites are the guards of the city’s council, now there is only one city left on Earth and of course there is bound to be controversy, conspiracy and some kind of rebellion. This has been sat on my shelves for way too long and I am so excited to finally get around to reading it!

The Testing // Joelle Charbonneau

the testing.pngNow compared to the other books on this TBR, this is a relatively new member of my TBR shelf, but I don’t have any room on my shelves at the moment which means that this trilogy is currently sat on the edge of my desk waiting for space. So I decided I may as well make a start on the series instead of waiting to put it on my shelf! This sounds amazing! It is a dystopian where the United Commonwealth gathers all of the top graduates from each colony to partake in a competition known as the Testing. This process sounds terrifying, a test of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and raw intelligence; the competitors compete to go to the University to help rebuild the world. What drew me to this was what was written in tiny writing at the very bottom of the blurb ‘Disclaimer: The United Commonwealth is not responsible for candidate’s psychological or physical health during the Testing’. Oh this is going to be a disturbing and heart-racing read- I know it!

I have put the next two instalments (Independent Study & Graduation Day) on my additional TBR, because I have a feeling I will want to carry on with this trilogy once I reach the end of the first book!

The Mark of Athena // Rick Riordan

the mark of athena.pngThis is the third instalment of the Heroes of Olympus Series, and although I have started this (I am only 12 pages in) I cannot wait to continue. This series is amazing, I did struggle slightly with the original Percy Jackson series, but this has taken that world to a whole new level and I love the diverse characters and the multi-levelled conflict. I have also put The House of Hades on the additional TBR list, because I have a feeling that this will be another cliff-hanger finish which means I will need to go straight on to the next one!

impostor queenImpostor Queen // Sarah Fine

Again, this is one I have already started and have only read 45 pages, but I am interested in where this story is going. What I know already may spoil a few things but it sounds like an interesting fantasy, I haven’t heard many things about this book. I am hoping that I will fly through the rest of the book.

So those were my Set TBR books, with a few of the additional books mentioned:

  • Independent Study // Joelle Charbonneau
  • Graduation Day // Joelle Charbonneau
  • House of Hades // Rick Riordan

I do have two more books on my additional TBR, because apparently I think I can get through all of these books this week.

  • Divine by Mistake // P.C. Cast
    This is the first book in the Divine Trilogy, I read these when I was in secondary school and although they contained a bit of adult content, I really enjoyed them. This is quite a large read but I also remember how fast it is, so I am hoping that I can read it in one sitting if I do get to it this week.
  • Dreamwalker // J.D. Oswald
    This is a dragon fantasy- I haven’t read about decent dragons in what feels like forever, the last good dragon book was The Shadow Queen (Redwine) so I am excited to finally get my hands on another dragon read.

So my friends, I have once again set a ridiculous TBR with little hope of completing it. What do you plan on reading next week? Let me know in the comments below! Good luck to all taking part!

Helen x


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