My Writing Aims: July-September 2016

Hey guys,

So we have reached July, which means it is time to evaluate my writing goals for the next three months. I have spent time recently, considering the types of goals I set myself and how this is effecting me personally. I have a lot of changes happening in my life; moving from education into full time employment, less scheduled life thanks to no lessons… and so on. So I also want a bit more flexibility with my writing goals.

The Top 3 Things I want to get done!

  1. To write more regularly

At the moment, I am writing sporadically, even through events. So my first aim for the next three months is to write at least five time a week. I want to sit down and work on something (short story, flash fiction, novel) at least five times every week. Whether these pieces are just small flash fiction pieces, or first drafts of a novel, I don’t care as long as I start getting more regular with it.

Of course this will leave me with quite a few smaller projects that I should (theoretically anyway) be able to polish up rather quickly. This means, a separate part of this aim is to get more of this style of writing out for the public to see. I will be creating a Wattpad account and I plan on getting work up on there regularly- I currently have a chapter-by-chapter story idea that I am considering for my first piece.

2. To have my short stories ready for publication

The anthology I am currently preparing work for is scheduled to head to the publishers in August, which means I am slowly running out of time. I have first drafts ready, now for July I plan on getting them edited and to Beta readers. These three short stories are aimed at 12 to 15 year olds, retelling classic fairytales with LGBT twists, if you are interested in becoming a Beta reader I will be putting a sign-up sheet up soon, so keep an eye out!

3. To plot and rough draft a 50,000 word novel

I want flexible goals but I also want to feel like I am challenging myself- contradictory I know, but I cant function without pressure. Trust me I have tried.

My flexibility is coming from the un-named project, I have several in the works at the moment and without committing to one now, I can spend a bit of time fleshing a few ideas out before coming up with my ‘big project’ for the next few months. One of my aims for 2016 is to have a full length novel nearing publication, whether self-published or through traditional publishing routes and this aim will definitely put me one step closer to meeting it.

Other aims…

So I don’t have much else, writing-wise that I would like to aim towards this quarter other than the usual:

  • Continue building my idea log
  • Continue sourcing inspiration from multiple platforms
  • Compile writing prompts for flash fiction pieces
  • Actually write something

But something I am working on (or plan to anyway) is letting more people see my actual work, I talk about it a lot but not many people actually read it. This is because my writing is very personal to me (as it is with many writers) and I don’t like to feel judged on the actions of my characters. However, I plan on sharing more of my work on here for all my lovely readers to get their claws into and hopefully this will let me build up the confidence to let even more people read it.

I would also like to continue building my stock of short story drafts that I am accumulating, but also start to group these into potential anthologies because I tend to write about certain messages: LGBT, Feminism, Equality, heartbreak, and overcoming disaster are common themes in my short stories.

So guys, those are my aims for the next three months where my writing is concerned. What are you planning on getting done over the next three months? Let me know!

Here’s hoping I actually get it all done!

Helen x


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