Agh Camp is here!

Hey guys,

camp nano 1

It is early evening and I have only just realised that today was the first of July. Seriously! A whole day of potential word counts has gone down the drain. But I am planning on working through some world crawls over the weekend to finish drafting my short stories that I am planning on editing for camp. I also have some in the works for here and some guest blogging I have been so fortunate to be offered!

Tonight will be a long one.

What is your writing aim for the month and how did you get a step closer to that today?

Sorry for the little post, normal posts will be returning once my training has been completed, because it feels like I have had to do more work for this course than for a whole module in my degree. Crazy!

Helen x


4 thoughts on “Agh Camp is here!

  1. I’ve never done Camp NaNo but I have previously written a novel across 30 days between July-August and used my daily scores in November, so I’ve been contemplating using the Camp this time… But I also forgot until this evening, and since my 30 days could technically start whenever, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow! Good luck with your goals!


    1. I am considering it, but whenever I do a month long challenge, I don’t tend to write on the last day anyway… my head usually hurts too much by then. So I will see if I want it by the end of the month. Hehe, I’ve noticed that my writing time has faded to nearly nothing so I’m hoping this camp will push me to get some writing done!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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