TBRTakedown Wrap Up!

Hey guys,

So we made it to the end of yet another read-a-thon and I am happy to announce that for me, it was a huge success! Although I didn’t read everyday, I read 6/7 days, even completing more than one book on a few of those days! TBR Takedown has turned into one of my favourite read-a-thons and I want to thank Shannon from @LeaningLights, for taking the time to create this read-a-thon again and again.

On to the challenges…

  1. A book that has been on your TBR shelf for more than a year √
  2. An unread sequel sitting on your TBR shelf √
  3. A first book in a series sitting on your TBR shelf √
  4. An ‘out of your comfort zone’ book on your TBR shelf √
  5. A book from your most recent haul √

Yes my friends, I completed every single challenge! However, I did set myself a TBR pile that would allow me to read two books for each challenge, but we all knew that that wasn’t going to happen. Wishful ambition. But I did complete a separate book for each challenge which I am extremely happy about. Lets have a look.

A book that has been on your TBR shelf for more than a year

school of good and evilFor this I decided to go with The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani, this has been sat on my shelf for at least two years and every time I pick out a TBR I looked at it thinking ‘next time’ and it finally happened! I read the entirety of this on the first day, which really set me up for a book a day! It was fast. It was funny. It had me hooked. I believed that this was a standalone until I looked it up on Goodreads and found that it is in fact the start of a series, one that I am looking forward to continuing.

An unread sequel sitting on your TBR shelf

catching fireI had two options for this read and I decided to go with the one I should be most ashamed for not completing earlier, and that is Catching Fire by Susan Collins, the sequel to The Hunger Games. This was a slower read and I felt the beginning to be really gritty, but once they were back in the arena I loved the pace and completed it really quickly. I think you definitely see other sides to characters portrayed in the movie and it was lovely seeing friendship explored more in the book than in the movie.

A first book in a series sitting on your TBR shelf

the lost hero properI think we all know which book I ended  up choosing for this challenge, and that is The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, the first instalment in the Heroes of Olympus Series. I got through this really quickly and although you don’t see Percy in this specific instalment, you are introduced to more diverse characters, more entangled and intricate plot lines and you can tell that the series is slightly more ‘grown-up’ than the original Percy Jackson Series. I think this is an excellent start to a series and I am happy to say that I have already continued with the series (you’ll see more below) and am loving it!

An out of your comfort zone book

the martianFor this I decided to go with a book my brother had been pestering me about since my birthday in February, and that is The Martian by Andy Weir. This is a realistic fiction, set slightly in the future where we have been doing the first exploration of Mars in manned aircraft and is the story of a man left behind by accident. Now, the plot itself didn’t exactly hold me because its not something I find exactly riveting, but what made me carry on turning the pages was the humour. It literally made me laugh out loud. I think it has encouraged me to read more literary fiction instead of mainly fantasy, but I am still tentative about committing to such a diverse genre.

A book from your most recent haul

the eliteFunny story, I had two books set aside for this and I read neither of them… because I had another book haul arrive the day before I decided to complete this challenge and I selected a book from there instead (as it was technically my most recent haul…). That book happened to be The Elite by Kiera Cass, the sequel to The Selection. I read this book in less than 2 hours, although the plot wasn’t the most intricate or exciting, I really connected with the characters and literally powered through this book.

Other books…

the oneWell, I completed the challenges and still had time to spare, so I decided to add a few more books to the mix because I have a huge TBR pile that needs some serious work. The first additional book I picked up was The One by Kiera Cass, the  instalment of the original Selection Trilogy. Similar to both The Selection and The Elite, this didn’t have the most intriguing plots, but it had wonderful characters and I even shed a tear. And similar to the rest of the series, this was a one sit, less than two hour read and really pushed me to get extra reading done!

son of neptuneThe next extra book I decided I had to pick up was The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan, the sequel to the Lost Hero. Percy is back! Percy is in a Roman version of camp and it is hilarious. Although this is over 500 pages, it read exceptionally quickly (like most of Rick Riordan’s books) and I am eager to carry on. The third book I happened to pick up was The Mark of Athena, surprisingly (thank you mug of awesomeness) the third instalment of the series. I have yet to finish this book, so I cannot claim eight entire reads for the week but I am looking forward to completing this on Monday!

I hope you have all had a fabulous read-a-thon and you got all the reading you hoped complete! I feel my duodecathon read-a-thon wrap-up will be less impressive as I have just remembered that I am in fact on a training course for the remaining days of the read-a-thon which means that from 8:30 till 6:30 everyday, I cannot read- boo! But I do intend to get at least some reading done on an evening, that is, after completing all of the designated homework.

Good luck my friends,

Helen x


5 thoughts on “TBRTakedown Wrap Up!

    1. Didn’t feel like it as I was reading, it wasn’t until I piled all of the books on the corner of my desk that I realise that I can read 7. I think that the selection series definitely boosted my numbers as the others were definitely longer and slower paced. I cant wait to do the reviews for some of these! How did your reading go this week?


      1. That’s good. You just flew through them without realizing.
        My reading went well. I quickly completed Blue Lily, Lily Blue, which was okay and am now reading Song of Kali which I’m anxious about because I don’t know what to expect.


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