#TBRTakedown Day 006!

Hey guys,

So we are just about to creep over midnight so I am doing my day 006 update- but wait Helen, where was Day 005? Well, I didn’t read anything yesterday, my time spent out of the house was a lot longer than I originally planned and I had a bit of a headache by the time I got home. So I went to bed early and actually got a good night sleep, for the first time in a while. But don’t worry, I totally made up for the lack of reading today!

the martian

So the first thing I did, before I got out of bed this morning (okay, technically I went and grabbed coffee, but that doesn’t count) was to finish The Martian by Andy Weir. This completes the challenge to read a book that is outside of my comfort zone, as I don’t usually read literary fiction. I am definitely a fantasy girl, so the lack of fantastical elements really weighed on the story for me. But one thing I definitely appreciated was the humour, I was literally laughing out loud to this book. So if a book can induce that much humour, strategically, and not just to cover boring plot, then it definitely earns four stars from me.

Perhaps now my brother will stop pestering me about it… actually, he’ll probably just move on to another book!

Once that was complete I started completing normal human things (insert boring chores here) but then the postman arrived and delivered me another book… I did mention in previous daily updates that if this arrived it would be paired and used for my most recent haul challenge. And that is The One by Kiera Cass. I only completed The Elite on Thursday, and the package wasn’t meant to arrive until Monday so I was so excited when it came that I just had to read it.

This book, I know how it is going to end because that is how the selection goes, but all of the turmoil and pain, and oh the angst. I completed it in around 2 hours, and around a quarter of that was spent putting the book down every few pages of the last 50 pages because things were happening. I needed tissue when certain things happened. As an ending to a trilogy (yes I know there are two more out now, but they were not planned when these were created) I don’t think it wrapped up and answered a lot of plot lines that were created, specifically the rebel threat. But this series is a light-hearted, kinda guilty pleasure read that just makes you feel good and happy inside.

But my reading day was not finished there.

I decided to alter my plans. Instead of attempting to read two books for each challenge for TBR takedown, I wanted to start working on the books I had selected for the DuoDecathon as it is officially in the crossover section. Although I do still plan on completing several of the books originally set out for the TBR takedown, I have merged the TBRs if you will.

Now the reason for this is because of one book, it has been sat there staring at me and I have just wanted to pick it up and curl up in bed and read it. So that’s what I have been doing this evening. I have completed the first 171 pages of The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan, the sequel to The Lost Hero which I completed earlier this week.

We finally get Percy back and I am so happy, similar to The Lost Hero, I am getting that introduction to camp feel again; obviously things are a little different this time which is refreshing. Especially as I felt the first quarter of The Lost Hero felt extremely similar to Percy’s first introduction to Camp Half-Blood in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. But, I am loving this series so far and I am in fact tempted to move straight on to The Mark of Athena during the rest of this read-a-thon?

Another slight criticism of The Son of Neptune is the cover, and more specifically, the spoiler-y nature of the cover. It basically depicts how the main quest of the story finishes, where I think the other covers leave some mystery; this basically says Percy is gonna save the day because he did it on the cover. Even though the quest has only just begun (well, they haven’t even left camp yet) I feel that I already now how it is going to end and where key things are going to be.

Gosh, this is turning more review-y than I would like. Back on track.

Aims for day 007!

My only real aim for Day 007 is to complete The Son of Neptune, after that I will decide whether I am going to go on and read The Mark of Athena, or choose between a few of the other books on my now merged TBR pile.

There is one in particular that I need to read before the 4th July because I have set aside the rest of the series for #AYearAThon and that is Spy Glass by Maria V Snyder, so I am thinking I should pick this up next.

But then again, Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb is staring at me and I want to read that as well.

As long as I finish at least one book (priority being The Son of Neptune) then I will have completed 7 books this week, which I am extremely happy about! Perhaps I will put all of the options into the mug of awesomeness and let the mug decide?

tbr mug

Anyhow, I hope your reading is going fabulously! Keep an eye out for my #TBRTakedown wrap-up that will be going up Monday!

Helen x


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