#TBRTakedown Day 004!

Guys we have some serious success!

Today I have completed two books and read over half (so far) of a third, and I have just brewed another coffee because I am not ready to sleep yet.

the elite.pngThe first thing I did today was to read The Elite by Kiera Cass, I know, I didn’t finished The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan so why am I jumping onto The Elite? Well the answer is a simple one, I was looking after my niece this morning, which meant that if I wanted to get any reading done I needed something I could read while still being disturbed. Now I am not saying it didn’t hold my attention because it did, it held it better than both Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, but I didn’t want to get too engrossed in the book that I felt I was ignoring my niece. Plus, if she thinks I have become too into a book, she tends to throw my books- including the one in my hands. I learnt that lesson!

the lost hero properI flew through The Elite, and if my copy of The One had arrived by now, I would have just picked that one up- mainly because I was still babysitting (thank you EU referendum for closing schools for polling stations!) and I wanted to carry on reading. Thankfully, adult reinforcements arrived and I could sneak off and continue with The Lost Hero! I am so glad that I did, I thought the first half of this book was great, the second half was even better. For a middle grade read, there are definitely adult undertones in the plotline, as well as introducing a much more complex God- Demigod structure, something I was extremely grateful for. Now the last 250 pages did take some of the afternoon to complete, and then I needed a break- and a strong discussion with myself why I couldn’t go and pick up The Son of Neptune that is literally sitting on my pile for the start of next week.

the martianWell after supper I wanted to carry on reading, I knew that I probably wouldn’t get far into whatever I picked up next, being as a headache was already forming. So I picked up The Martian by Andy Weir, I have two reasons for picking this book up today.

  1. 1. It completes the final challenge, which means I have completed all of the challenges before the cross-over period with the Duodecathon! Something I was secretly aiming for.
  2. 2. My brother is on holiday, and with any book he tells me to read, the moment he sees it (in my hand, on the bookshelf, hidden where I think he cant find it) I get a million questions along the line of have you read it yet? Followed by the persistent why questions. I knew, the moment he knew I was reading this, he would make an appearance at my door every half an hour to determine where I was in the book, and to try and goad me into reading more by giving away tiny spoilers- in forms that he doesn’t believe are spoilers… have you got [insert spoiler here] part yet?
    — See why him not being here was amazingly amazing?!–

It is almost 10:30 PM and I do plan on continuing tonight, but as of right now I am at the half-way point. I probably wont complete the last 200 pages of the book, but I don’t mind continuing this over to tomorrow!

Today has been a great reading day! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and have got all the reading done!

Day 005 aims!

Tomorrow is the first day during this read-a-thon that I have actual plans that involve me leaving the house, so for five hours or so tomorrow will be no-reading times. Except perhaps an hour of commuting, which I always intend to use as reading time but it never seems to work out that way.

Firstly, I would like to complete The Martian, preferably before leaving. After that I plan on tackling my challenge for the Duodecathon with The Heir of Night by Helen Lowe, as it is a book with my name on the cover. Although I doubt I will make huge progress on this high fantasy, I am aiming for 150-200 pages, which would be just under half of the 452 page novel.

I hope you are all really enjoying this read-a-thon and that all your reading is going to plan!

Helen x


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