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Perfect Writing…


Noun: The action or process of improving something until it is faultless.


When considering the definition of perfection, I see little need for the end product. Honestly, nothing can ever be considered ‘faultless’ as there will always be a critic, a sceptic, a non-believer. You cannot please everyone. You will die trying, so don’t bother.

I spent the first few years waiting for my writing to be perfect before even thinking about letting another person even know that it exists. Of course this means that nothing ever got seen, heard of, or even acknowledged. Because nothing was ever perfect. Nothing was ever faultless.

But now, now I look at a project and consider the weighing scales. How do the ‘imperfections’ weigh up against the presumed ‘perfections’… only ever presumed because each time I look at a piece what was once perfect will have altered and become imperfect. Yes, sometimes all those noticeable imperfections weigh heavy, and with a sigh I start the editing process again. But sometimes I look and think, well its realistically perfect.

Its all perception.

So when I am writing or editing, I no longer fret ‘oh it has to be perfect’ because I know that I will edit and re-edit, draft and re-draft, until something makes me stop. It will never be the ‘ah-ha!’ or ‘eureka!’ delusions we fill ourselves with in those childhood years of writing. It will be the ‘I think it is ready’, it will be the ‘I don’t know what else I could do to it’.

Just because you don’t see perfection, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Someone, somewhere, will see your work and think its perfect the way it is. They wont consider every variable of the word ‘walk’, they wont consider if your grammar could be altered (although a lot of people pick up on this, but perfection once again…). They wont care that you think there could be a slight change to a scene because they don’t know what you were thinking. Because to them, it is the words they are given. They put the variables behind them, if they want to.

But to me. The use of language, the craft of creating something from nothing, the art of writing; will always be perfect.

How could something so beautiful not be?

Just a little thought for the day…

Helen x


20 thoughts on “Perfect Writing…

  1. Striving for perfection prevents many of us from getting started. I was shy at first about blogging because my writing wasn’t great, aka perfect, but the good thing is I learned and developed as I went along.


    1. I think the fear of others pointing out imperfections in pieces like blog posts is something that prevents so many people from joining us on such a valuable platform. I for one know that my posts are almost never perfect, I even went back and found typos months after posting (to my horror) but I also noticed that no one had commented on it. Not one person. That was a huge learning curve for me.

      That is also why I consider perfection the process rather than the final product, as nothing is ever faultless, the strive for perfection continues. And therefore so must learning and practice.

      Perfection is over-rated.

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      1. I tend to let the ‘rest over night’, apart from short updates during read-a-thons or writing challenges. Because certain circumstances are expected to be short, sweet and not massive works of art. Things I always quadruple check before publishing are names and links, because I want to give proper credit where due and let people see for themselves.


  2. Worrying about perfection is forgetting the whole point of expression. Is often crude, spontaneous, horrible flawed things that make us human. The critic lives on others pasts, the present is for the flawed living. 🙄

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      1. I have always been left flawed growing up. I really never felt fear of failing. I maybe have acted like a peacock at times….but I seem more normal than others. We learn from mistakes, success just makes us think we,are far more important then we are


      2. I think everyone goes through moments of peacocking, it develops us. We need it to realise that we are not perfect, especially when we become compliant and happy in the scenario. Because once you peacock, someone always comes along to trim your feathers. Always.

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      1. Enjoy the moment. You were a blogger already. When people are moved to respond to you become a writer. I can give you a guest post of you wish. You can use any form, story, poetry, fiction, non fiction that you wish. Images need to emailed to me. No time frame but your own. But you need to send me an email address to send an invite to you.


      2. Oh wow! I never expected that from a like and a comment! I would love to! How can I get my email to you? This is an amazing opportunity, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

        I am terrible at images. It is something I am trying to work on.

        Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It’s you world…(fantasy humor). You choice darling. I’ll sent invite. You accept. From your end you choose which site to post it on. When you finish it, it will be pending. Within a day, or two, it’ll post.


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