Read-a-thon weekend!

Hey guys,

Well the weekend is here (I have a long weekend Friday-Sunday) and I just wanted to update you on how my reading has (rarely) been going and my plans/ aims for the weekend. I am terribly far behind on my TBRs and I have just had yet another book haul (all used books) so my bookshelves are back to over-flowing again, despite how much I have read over the last three months. So I have had to make some decisions about what books I want to get through (because I need some read ASAP so I have space for the books that still haven’t arrived).

My reading week…

So guys I have to admit that I haven’t finished a book since Sunday, that’s because I have been fluttering between a few books and I cant seem to find one that is holding me. I am afraid that I am slipping into a reading slump and because of my lack of restraint I cant afford to right now. I have worked on two books in particular over the last week and haven’t got far on either of them.

Sea Glass // Maria V Snyder

This is the fourth book in the chronicles of Ixia series (which I have planned to finish this month but is currently looking like the first week of July) and it continues Opal’s story from Storm Glass (the book I completed Sunday). Now I picked this one up because of cliff-hangers, but I have felt guilty every time I read it because it doesn’t meet either of the read-a-thons I am currently participating in. So I put it down at around page 150.

Thief’s Magic // Trudi Canavan

I was so excited to finally get to some adult fiction and finish the final challenge of the Tome Topple but once I opened the page I just couldn’t get into it. It still sits at page 20 and I struggle. So I have decided that this is not the right time for me to attempt to read this one.

When I first set out my TBR for the Tome Topple I didn’t consider the challenges, I was determined to just read what I want, but then I found that I was completing the challenges without thinking about it. I wanted to complete them all after I had such huge success in the first week, but like usual, my success if followed by detrimental struggle.

Overall my week so far has not been a success, I have hardly read anything and feel like I am far behind my weekly reading goals. However, I have a long weekend planned.

Long weekend plans…

So I have set myself a bit of a schedule for the weekend, don’t usually do this but I want to complete as much reading as possible over the next three days. I am focusing on getting books off my TBR shelf and onto my read shelves.

Friday (well today)

I have set myself two aims for today:

  • Complete Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, I started this book a while ago and never finished it. I was going through my shelves trying to determine what I should focus on over the weekend and I have found several half read books, this is one of them. I only have 200 pages or so left to read so I am hoping I can fly through them today.
  • Finish Sea Glass by Maria V Snyder, although it wont clear any more space from my TBR shelf because it has already been taken off, I know that once I complete this I can speed through the final three books on my shelf (not aiming to do all that today). I have about 300 pages left to read, but I know that once I settle in I can breeze through it like all the other books in this series.

So that a total of 500 or so pages today, I know I can read 600 in a good reading day, so if I have time this evening I will just move on to the books I have planned for Saturday.


I am torn about what to read today, part of my really wants to start The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan, but I have set that aside for my TBR Takedown TBR pile for next week. But part of me also wants to tackle the Immortals series by Alyson Noel. So currently my aim for Saturday is to complete at least one of the Immortals series, starting with Evermore. These are relatively short teen, paranormal fiction so I am hoping to fly through two of them.



I plan on finishing another previously started book, and that is Impostor Queen by Sarah Fine, I started this earlier this month but put it down for Tome Topple. I only got 70 or so pages into it and I was enjoying it, so hopefully I will be able to get through it in one sitting. There have already been some huge revelations, so I am hoping it continues to be fast paced throughout the book.

If I have time after finishing Impostor Queen, I am considering starting my TBR Takedown pile an evening early. If I have time, I will be choosing between The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan and The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani which sounds utterly amazing.

I know I have set myself a huge task for the next three days, but I want to push myself out of this slump before it hits. I know I have tackled some of my biggest TBR books this month and that explains why my numbers are lower than usual, but I still feel like I haven’t been reading at the same level as my previous months.

Do you have any reading goals for this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Wish me luck guys because I feel like I am going to need it.

Helen x


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