#TomeTopple Week 1 Update

Hey Guys,

So since this read-a-thon spans over two weeks, I decided that I will do a separate mid-point update, I know I sort of mentioned a few things in my Read-o-Rama participation announcement yesterday but I didn’t feel that it summed up how I am finding the read-a-thon so far. Overall, I am loving this read-a-thon and would recommend everyone to attempt to take part, even if big books terrify you. I have found myself drawn to more big books, and when I did a mini haul I was instinctively drawn to some pretty big epic fantasy reads.

When I posted yesterday, I mentioned that I was starting another tome yesterday and my potential TBR for the rest of the read-a-thon, I can happily report that I finished that yesterday and can report it as part of my week 1 update!

The Challenges

  1. Read more than one +500 page book √ 🙂
  2. Take a break and read a graphic novel √ 🙂
  3. Read a 500+ page book from a series √ 🙂
  4. Read more than 500 pages in a week √ 🙂
  5. read a 500+page adult (not YA) novel

So lets have a little look at how I have managed to complete 4 of the challenges already (especially since I didn’t think I would be able to complete any of them!).

A Court of Mist and Fury // Sarah J Maas

ACOMAFI read this at the very beginning of the read-a-thon, reading it in two days and zooming through every word of the 640 pages. Every glorious word. I plan on doing a full (spoiler-free) review of this series so far because this has made the top five of my ‘best books I have ever read’ list and guys more people need to read this. When you want character development, a little raunchy adult content, suspense, and overall kick ass satisfaction; then you need to go and pick up this series!

Now, this can technically cover two challenges, but I would like to read a separate book for each challenge (except challenge 1, because that involves two books, this is one of them 😉 hehe). As I read this in two days, this completes the challenge of reading more than 500 pages within one week (I will total up how many pages I have total so far at the end).

Cress // Marissa Meyer

cressThis is the third instalment of the Lunar Chronicles and this series is amazing, I love the characters and although it took a bit longer than I suspected to get through the 550 pages, I loved every moment of it. This read completes two challenges, firstly it is the second tome I have read this week meaning challenge one is complete. Secondly, this is a tome in a series so that is challenge three complete.

Saga Volume 1 // Brian K. Vaughan

I am going to admit something now, before this I had never, I mean never, ever, ever; picked up a graphic novel. But I decided that I had to at least give them a try, so I picked up this and Rat Queens Volume One at the store and used it for this challenge. It took a while for me to get used to the layout and how you actually read graphic novels (stupid I know) and I’ll be posting soon about how I felt about my first exploration into the graphic novel world and what I learnt! At 160 pages, it was definitely a quick read for me, and I completed it in around an hour, which really gave me a push for motivation.

Storm Glass // Maria V Snyder

storm glassThis was the last tome I completed this week, meaning I have completed three tomes all together so far! At 503 pages it just scrapes by as a tome, but I am definitely classing this fast paced book as a tome- no matter what people say. This is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Ixia Series and follows Opal. A person we met in the original trilogy and we follow her adventure discovering her own magical ability and a little journey of self discovery and gaining confidence in your own abilities, rather than relying on external validation. This was definitely a five star read for me, I didn’t put it down after posting last night, and although it’s larger than my usual one-sit reads, there was no way I was going to stop that rollercoaster for sleep.

So those were the books that classified for the read-a-thon, however, they are not the only books I read this week (because I am a sucker for instinctive reading and these just didn’t scrape past the 500 page boundary). I have completed three other reads, and started another… all of which don’t help towards the goals- never mind!

The Winner’s Crime & The Winner’s Kiss // Marie Rutkoski

So, I took the Winner’s Crime with me on holiday because it was calling to me as I packed away all my books that I wanted to take; even though it is only 416 pages and shouldn’t have even been considered during these precious reading days. But I was so glad I broke the rules, I loved the Winner’s Curse but these books just get better. This was a little slower but the ending- I panicked at that ending, I cried and I needed the next book. Alas I couldn’t read it till I got home, but those days waiting felt like hell… utter, reader hell.

But then I did get to pick up The Winner’s Kiss and I flew through it. It was a raw read, it broke down emotional barriers and you saw some sides to the characters that you don’t see coming and I couldn’t put the beast down. Okay, its not quite a beast, just a little young for a beast… only 15 pages short at 485 pages. An almost tome. I do have a review for this series up already (spoiler-free!) and you get a little peak into my thoughts and feelings of the series.

The Magicians’ Guild // Trudi Canavan

This was one of the books I picked up during my book haul, and although it was a slower paced book at the start, I flew through the last 200 pages of the 467 pages. This is the story of a society where all magician’s are taught within the guild, and rogue magicians are illegal; all magicians come from the richest houses but when a girl from the slums uses magic to hit a magician with a rock, everything changes. I loved Trudi’s writing style in this and I honestly cannot wait until I have the money to pick up the rest of the books in this series and all her other works. It’s a shame that there weren’t those 33 extra pages to push this into a tome category, as an adult fantasy would tick off the final challenge.

Speaking of the final challenge…

We have a week remaining (well a little less now since Monday is almost over for me… perfect reading time though!) so at this rate I definitely stand a chance of completing the final challenge. But I do have two reads planned out (mainly for Read-o-Rama) that I need to complete first.

Sea Glass (and potentially Spy Glass) // Maria V Snyder

This is the sequel to Storm Glass that I have only just completed, and wasn’t originally part of my TBR for this week, but after the cliff-hanger ending of Storm Glass I just needed to carry on the series. Unfortunately this isn’t a tome, at only 472 pages, but I am happy that it pulls me one step closer to completing the Chronicles of Ixia Series. There is a potential that I will simply move straight on to Spy Glass and not continue on with the rest of my TBR, depending on the ending of this one; but I will keep you up to date. I am 93 pages into this book as I have had quite the busy day, but I do intend to read as much of this as possible tonight.

The Lost Hero // Rick Riordan

This is the first book in the Heroes of Olympus Series, and it the continuation series to Percy Jackson. This, once complete, will be the fourth tome completed this read-a-thon, which gets me excited. Although it doesn’t class as filling the final challenge, I could count it towards both the series challenge and reading more than one tome; but they are already complete so I’m reading it because it’s about time I read this series!

Thief’s Magic // Trudi Canavan

Alas, we have finally got to the book that will fill the final challenge; this is Trudi Canavan’s newest series, with only two of the Millenniums Series published. I am interested to see if this is written in a similar manner to the Magicians’ Guild, and at 553 pages it would class as a tome.

Although I don’t think I will reach these two reads, I do have them here because I want to complete them this month; be it as part of the read-a-thon or not.

Enchantress // James Maxwell

This is the first book in the Everman Saga, and it is a beasty book. Really high quality, heavy book that is just a little intimidating. But I have the whole series on my shelves and would really like to get around to finally reading them.

Winter // Marissa Meyer

Why is this book at the end of the list? No, its not because I want to read it least, its that it is by far the biggest book on this TBR list, sliding in at 825 pages. I have read the first chapter of this already (yes, during the read-a-thon) but I was drawn to Storm Glass instead so I went with my gut and deterred. This is the final book in the Lunar Chronicles, all of which I have read over the last few weeks and plan on completing this month because it is epic.

Well that ended up being a rather large update…

Lets have a look at some stats… shall we…

  • Challenges complete so far: 4
  • Tome complete so far: 3
  • Graphic novels complete so far: 1
  • Total books read this week: 7
  • Total read-a-thon Pages read: 1853
  • Total pages read this week: 3221

Well… I am proud of those numbers!

I think the best book so far was definitely A Court of Mist and Fury, and I doubt that any of the books for the remainder of the week will knock it off the podium. Thank you Sam for taking the time to create this read-a-thon because I really needed it, and I plan on continuing the big book theme throughout June!

I will be posting my final update the day after both read-a-thons finish, meaning it will be a joint wrap-up.

Good luck to all readers, I hope you have all the time to read!

Keep an eye out for upcoming reviews!

Helen x


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