#Read-o-Rama last minute participation

Hey guys,

So I was just floating around Twitter, as you do, and I noticed that tomorrow (13th June 2016) marks the start of the fourth Read-o-Rama, a read-a-thon that I have never participated in before and I am intrigued.

Yes, I know that I am still in the middle of #TomeTopple, but that is not stopping me doubling up on read-a-thons; so between the 13th and 19th I will be participating in both #TomeTopple and Read-o-Rama. Now, all of the books I plan on reading over the next week are around or above the 500 page mark, which means some of the challenges wont be met, for both read-a-thons, but challenges are optional and I just want to join in and get all the reading done!

So there are several challenges for read-o-rama:

  1. Read 7 books
  2. Read a book with RAMA in the title (doesn’t have to be all together)
  3. Read a book with music
  4. Read a book to movie/TV adaption
  5. Read a buddy read
  6. Read a book with a POC main character
  7. Read a book of short stories
  8. Read a book with a one word title

I will admit it now, I will most likely accomplish only one of these goals, but I will push for more. I know that I have just recently published my aims for the rest of the #TomeTopple read-a-thon, but with this coming into play, there have been a few alterations. I have five books I intend to attempt to read by the end of the week, and it will have to be a serious attempt because these are definitely tomes, all above 500 pages!

Storm Glass // Maria V Snyder

storm glassThis is the fourth instalment of the Chronicles of Ixia series, following a new main character, Opal Cowan. When I read the first three instalments (Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study) I saw Yelena as a POC, and that is how I envisioned her throughout the series, I am hoping that the same is for Opal, if so; I may actually fulfil a challenge with this book.

Now I am starting this book today (12th) so it wont be completely read within the read-a-thon but as it sits just over 500 pages it is one of the Tomes for #TomeTopple, so I don’t mind starting it a little early.

This may also fulfil a second challenge, while watching the TBR videos for this on YouTube, I noticed that many of the participants are including the author’s name when considering finding RAMA within the title, if so this fulfils this challenge. If this is not the case, will someone please let me know in the comments!

The Lost Hero // Rick Riordan

the lost hero properThis is the first book in the Heroes of Olympus Series, the sequel series to the Percy Jackson Series, following three new main characters (Jason, Piper, and Leo), at 557 pages, it classes as a Tome for #TomeTopple but I don’t believe that it fulfils any of the challenges for Read-o-rama.

I read the Percy Jackson Series last year and I fully intended to jump straight into this series, but I always felt a little intimidated by how much longer each of these books were compared to the original series. But I really want to get to the Trials of Apollo series that has just started and to do so, I must face the music and read this series.

Thief’s Magic // Trudi Canavan

thiefs magicI have just finished the first book in Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician Trilogy and I love her writing and story telling powers, although I had wanted to jump into another of Trudi’s books that I own The Ambassador’s Mission, I found after a little research that you need to complete the The Black Magicians Trilogy first. This is the first instalment in the Millennium’s Rule Series; as an adult fiction novel it fulfils a challenge in the #TomeTopple read-a-thon but I don’t believe that it fulfils any challenge for read-o-rama.

What really drew me in for this book is the blurb simply states… forget what you know about the nature of magic… sends shivers down my spine thinking about all the possibilities for this book. At 553 pages, it definitely classifies as a tome and I have been eyeing this up since the moment I bought it but I always put off starting for no reason other than it wasn’t YA.

Enchantress // James Maxwell

everman seriesSo this is a book of seriously mixed reviews. Some adore the Everman Saga, but some despise it. I picked this read up from a charity shop and it is in perfect condition, I read the back and then ordered the rest of the series. All of which have been sitting on my TBR bookshelves for over a year now. I wont lie, I am intimidated by these books, they are rather large (612 pages) and they are really heavy, smaller print books. But I made myself promise that this year, I would try and get through as many of the series on my shelves as possible, because I am a series hoarder.

I know from reviews that there is some animal abuse in this series, I know that I will have to prepare myself for that, but in the world of adult high fantasy, you have to expect a bit of gore that will pull at your heart strings. This is the fourth book on this list, and since I intend on reading them in this order, the likelihood of reaching this book is slim; but I intend to get there. Especially as this will fulfil the one word title challenge.

Winter // Marissa Meyer

winterSo the final book I intend to attempt is the final instalment in the Lunar Chronicles, allowing me to wrap up the series that I only started a few weeks ago. There is nothing about this book that isn’t intimidating; the size, the font, expectations, the list goes on. I know that this should be the first book on this list, that I should be hidden under my duvet losing myself in the world and it’s battles. But 825 pages scare me, the expectation of answering all the questions I have for this series scare me, but it will be read this month. Whether within the read-a-thon or after; as I fully intend to continue reading big books throughout June.

So my friends, these are the reads I wish to attempt by the end of the week, likelihood of completing them all are so slim, but I vow to try. Are you participating in any read-a-thons this week? Let me know which ones and what you intend to read for them in the comments below.

For now, I am going to sink into Storm Glass and let the world of Ixia and Maria V Snyder’s beautiful writing transport me back to the wonderful land.

Until later my friends,

Helen x


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