A Review: The Young Elites

Hey guys,

Still on review catch-up time, I’ve decided that I will review both the current instalments of the Young Elites Trilogy together, since well, I read them together! So points discussed in this review will apply to both The Young Elites and The Rose Society by Marie Lu.

First thing I have to say is… why did I wait so long! I have had The Young Elites since it was released, Marie Lu was an auto-buy author thanks to the Legend Trilogy but I was terrified of picking it up. There is always that fear when you have an author that you love, that the next book you read by them will spoil how you feel. That it wont be as good as the one you are already in love with. That you wont love them as an author any more.

I was wrong.

I’m not saying it again…

These books were everything I imagined they would be… and more. One of the things I loved about The Legend Trilogy was Marie’s ability to weave a dark theme into a fast-paced, beautiful book. And guys, this one didn’t disappoint.

You can definitely see the darkness just from the premise…

Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood fever,
marked by a jagged scar where her left eye once was.
Branded as a Malfetto- an abomination- she is cast
out from all she has ever known and loved.

Adelina finds sanctuary with other Malefftos and
discovers that the disease has left her with more
than just a scar- she has a mysterious
and powerful gift.

She is a young elite.

But Adelina’s ability is stronger than any young elite before her.
And unless she can control the vengeful darkness growing in
her heart Adelina could be a danger to them all.

So, not only do these children, yes children, have to survive a bloody plague-like disease, they are cursed, out-cast, hunted, tortured, and killed. All because something has changed them and given them powers.

Book sounds amazing. Book was amazing. Bar a few tiny problems.

Firstly, Adelina is missing an eye. But somehow, even without proper depth perception, she has perfect aim when throwing knives and is an extremely skilled fighter. Something those with ‘normal’ depth perception struggle to master. It didn’t feel legitimate, as if she was given all this strength to cover her self-conscious views on her beauty.

At that leads me to the second point. Her scar. She has had this scar for years, covering a good portion of her face- according to the description. However, she almost always has it covered with a little bit of hair. Sorry, I have scars on my face and there is no way, none, that in all the scenarios she managed to hide her scar (bear in mind- it is a scar that covers her eye at least) with a bit of hair without it moving out of place.

Of course, there was a few great character points I found thanks to the scar, Adelina has a sister, a beautiful, un-scarred sister. And as would be realistic, there is a little resentment for her beauty and her ability to charm. She seriously doubts herself, feels that she isn’t good enough- but then one guy manages to make her change her mind. Possible yes, likely, no. It felt a bit insta-lovey. Especially in the first book, in the second it felt a bit more real, but then again somethings are better explored without spoilers.

I loved the overall storyline, I thought that the gifts were definitely intriguing, think X-men kind of gifts. And I love me some X-men!

The writing, was beautiful, it drew me in and held me there until I had to physically pull myself away (why did I need to adult?).

So, considering all of the points,  and that I never wanted to get to the end, nor stop. I have decided to give both instalments 5 stars! Of course, there were a few problems, but if someone can find me a book that doesn’t have a single thing wrong with it, I will be gob-smacked.


Okay, this is a trilogy, isn’t it! Lets think final book! Midnight Star is due to be released on the:

11th October 2016

Mark the date people because this will be the biggest finale of the year for me and honestly guys… I cannot wait! Like look at this cover… tell me it isn’t gorgeous and you all want to hold it in your hands right this minute!

the midnight star

Guys, if you have read any of these, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time guys,

Helen x


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