#JuNoWriMo Prep: How I’m Writing!

Hey Guys,

So 50k is a lot to write and doing it in a programme or method that is working against you is a sure fire way to fail… so what methods will I be using this time to optimise my output?

I have three different methods/ programmes that I will be using this month because I feel that they suit each project better. Okay, and because my mom has banned me from taking my laptop on holiday with us.

Good ol’ Pen & Paper

So, for the first week I wont have access to my computer, which means that I cant type. Not a single word. That isn’t on my phone. And if you think I am texting out an entire short story on my phone, kidding me right?

No, while I am on holiday I plan on utilising the old pen and pad. I plan on completing two of my short stories while I am away on holiday and then typing them up on my return, of course I am not going to count the typed up words as extra words, its simply to allow me to understand exactly how long each one is. This is because the limit for each short story is 10 A4 pages, double spaced, so I have to be careful when completing my first draft that I don’t go too wild and end up having to cut more of the story out than I can keep in.

Microsoft Word

I know a lot of people really hate Word, I mean I generally hate it, generally. But I have found that for short pieces, especially those with a page limit rather than a word limit, it is easier to use than Scrivner.

I will be both copying from my hand written notes and hopefully completing the final short story completely on MS Word.

One of the reasons I love Word for shorter pieces, is that I struggle to write individual scenes. I struggle to write them completely separate from all other scenes, even though they end up that way anyway. I can easily write chapters independently, but when I try to write scenes in the same manner, I end up with disjointed and scenes that don’t sound like they are written by the same author. However, when I do it in Word, moving from one scene straight to the next without them being filed away and separated from each other; I find they flow much easier and my scenes gel together nicely.

Since my short stories are only going to comprise of a handful of scenes, I felt it would be easier to complete it this way.


Oh, my old friend.

I do love scrivner for full novel/ anthology drafts. I love how the folder system can let you keep things in order but still gives you the ability to move things around. I will be using Scrivner for my anthology project for JuNoWriMo this year and plan on having a set up like this:

scrivner set up R AND J.png

What I love, as you can see, is that you can have each individual story in it’s own little folder, but still see the story as a whole. I have added a green tab to story 1, for no other reason but to demonstrate how the colour coding system works. For me, I like to note which parts of the project I have in different stages, is it still in planning mode, first draft, am I editing it? Did I find that I am missing character or plot tension? I even have a colour (orange) for when I think it has no tension in the scene/ chapter! But I will be doing a short series on my editing method after JuNoWriMo!

I love all of these programmes, okay, maybe love is a little strong for mine and MS Word’s relationship, but I can tolerate and see it’s benefits in certain situations.

Have you decided what programme you will be using for JuNoWriMo? Let me know in the comments below, also, if you think that Scrivner is great for short stories let me know and why in the comments too!

I cannot wait to get started writing now! Only a few days to go!

Helen x


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