#DuoDecAThon Day 001!

Hey Guys,

So the end of day one is here and I cannot say whether today has been good or bad in terms of reading. I can say this. Unfocused.

I have struggled today, I’m not going to lie. I have made some progress but I have struggled to focus on the words on the page. My mind has fluttered off every time I thought about reading and this has meant bouncing between books trying to find one that latches onto me enough to get some serious reading done.

I started with The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman, I managed to read 176 pages of it and I must admit that I feel I have read more about clothing than an actual character or storyline. I will attempt to carry on this because I feel that it has such potential to be a great story. Okay. And it is pretty cool when the main character has the same name as you.

dark days club

However, because of the dragging pace of The Dark Days Club I decided to attempt another read, this time I decided to go for the sequel of another fast-paced book. Scarlett by Marissa Meyer, however I am also finding troubles with this. There is chapter by chapter point of views however there is no pattern or labelling of who is the character. And as I am only 83 pages in, it gets very confusing.


I am going to attempt to continue reading tonight and plan on at least finishing one of the two books tomorrow.

How is your reading day going?

Helen x


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