My #JuNoWriMo Projects!

So guys,

After my recent re-evaluation I will still be participating in JuNoWriMo in June! However, I will be less upset if I don’t reach the 50,000 word goal as I have many other things that will be happening throughout the month. I do, however, have four projects I would like to work on/ complete the first draft of.

Originally I wanted to work on one main novel and three short stories, that hasn’t altered by much… well, sort of.

Now, I have two project groups. These are things that I see as one but they contain more than one element.

Project Group 1

This is the three short stories that I wanted to complete for August, they are fairy tale retellings with LGBT twists and I am hoping to get all three drafted over the month. The three stories I plan on retelling are:

  • Hansel and Gretel
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Ice Queen

So far, I have outlined each of these to a point that I can simply pick up one of the outlines and hopefully, I will be able to write the entire short story across a day or two of good writing. Each short story is going to be around 7,000 words, when considering the average word count for my good days across my NaNo history, the aim should be easily completed.

Project Group 2

So, this is also a collection of short stories; however they are not for submission as individual pieces. But rather, they are a collection that retells Romeo and Juliet but from a darker and more magical point of view. I have been working on my outline for this collection, and currently there are five short stories with the potential for a sixth but I haven’t decided whether I should keep to the traditional ending or alter it.

As these short stories will be the only ones in the collection, rather than having to stick to a smaller word count, I am aiming for roughly 10-15,000 words per story. I also have a different formatting idea for this, as there will be two distinct points of view, each with an intertwined but separate tale. If and when I decide on a formatting idea, I’ll let you guys know.

Outlining Project

Okay, JuNoWriMo leads straight onto July Camp NaNo so I have to prep for camp throughout the month too. So I plan on outlining a full length adventure novel; based around computer games and cheat codes. Although I wont be counting this towards any of my word goals, I do aim to have a chapter by chapter breakdown ready to tackle in July. Although I do plan on writing some of the novel in July, I also plan on spending majority of the month editing my June projects.

I know I am setting myself a big goal for the month, however, I will not be stressing about reaching all of them throughout the month. I would like the three short stories drafted because I would like time to edit and have a few Beta readers take a look before I send them off for the anthology.

I know a few of my wonderful readers are participating in JuNoWriMo this year and I would love to hear what projects you plan on tackling for your 50k. Let me know in the comments below.

Good luck all,

Helen x


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