Weekly reading wrap-up!

Hey guys,

So, it is the end of the week and although I started off pretty slow on the reading front, I am happy to announce that I have managed to read six books this week. This is seriously a pleasant surprise for me and it would have definitely been around the 3 book mark if it wasn’t for my reading weekend that I had to fight so hard to keep. Okay, I couldn’t keep all of it, I had a few family things to attend to today but other than that, non-stop reading since Friday night.

Little to say, I have a had a busy week overall, interviews and trial days really take it out of you! So the beginning of the week literally consisted of The Young Elites and The Society both by Marie Lu. Both of these books are fantastic and I recommend them to everyone. Every. One. They are humorous and action packed.  The balance is perfect between character development and plot. Guys, if you are like me and have put off reading this series for so long, go grab it and read!

cinderSo, after that I didn’t read for a day or two because I had too much going on and I seriously just slept whenever I got the chance. But then something beautiful happened Friday night. I had already napped once so when it came to half 11 on the evening, I was still awake. So I picked up Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Guys, I read it so fast that I didn’t put the book down once! I finished the last page at 1:55 in the morning and I actually contemplated just picking up the next in the series and just marathon them all night. A very serious consideration. But reason won and I went to sleep instead. Shame.

untitled (74)So after that I was using a mug full of strips of paper to decide what book I should read next. Well the first picked was to make progress on The Redemption of Althalus by David and Leigh Eddings, with the challenge to complete another 100 pages. I think I am finally getting near the action part of this book, but it is one of the slowest books I have ever read and I struggled to get to 100 pages. I reached page 654 and left it there, literally 100 pages from where I picked it up.

kiss of deception.jpg

Pick number two was from my mom and she chose The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. Another book that I literally flew through! For almost 500 pages the story is so fast that you read 100 pages without feeling like you’ve hit 50. The second instalment in the series has shot straight to the top of my to buy list!

So I got my brother to chose the next pick and it was one that was actually on my TBR pile for this week and this is The Hunger Games by Susan Collins. Now, I know I have attempted this before however I did start back at the beginning again and managed to read just over 200 pages before heading to bed Saturday night. I did pick it back up first thing this morning and completed the last 200 or so pages.

hunger games

The last book for the weekend was picked by my father (see, I don’t completely ignore the family) and that was Flawed by Cecelia Ahern, a YA dystopian from a contemporary writer. This is the first half of a duology, with perfect being released at the end of March 2017! I read this relatively quickly, for all my thoughts keep an eye out for my review, coming soon!


So, there are a few days between now and the duodecathon read-a-thon and I would like to get two more books finished before then. So once again I have turned to my trusted TBR mug and those were picked by my young nephew…

tbr mug

Firstly Angelfall by Susan Ee, I believe this is a post-apocalyptic dystopian where angels have come back to earth and are killing everyone… I believe. Its a short book with only 326 pages so I have every hope that I will be able to complete it in one sitting.

The second book is the second instalment of The Hunger Games Trilogy and that is Catching Fire by Susan Collins, I have never attempted to read this instalment as I never made it through Hunger Games before now. It is roughly the same length as The Hunger Games page wise, so I am hoping to complete it in one or two sittings. It will be interesting to see how it differs from the film as the first stuck pretty close bar a few outcomes.

I may also attempt to read some more of Redemption of Althalus but it is unlikely.

I must admit, I am happily surprised by the amount I actually managed to get read this week, well, weekend mainly. Now to try and get all the books I want to, read before the end of May!

How have you done this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Helen x


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