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Social Saturday: The Bookish Scenarios Tag

Hey guys,

So we are back for another tag this week and this time it is the bookish scenarios tag, although I am unsure who actually created this tag, I do know that it has been everywhere in the booktube community and here are my responses to the questions!

  1. You have to get rid of all of your books but you may keep one from each of the following genres, which book and why!


game of thronwFor this I am going to go with A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin; because although I haven’t actually finished this book yet, there are that many interesting characters, plot-lines, half hidden plots… that I could read it a million times and still find new things to interest me about the book!


For this I am going to go with one of the few contemporaries that managed to really engross me, and that Misty Falls by Joss Stirling. We all knew it was bound to be one of the Benedicts Series, especially as it is one of the only contemporaries that held my interest throughout not only one book but the entire series. Okay, choosing which of the series was hard, it was a serious toss up between Misty Falls and Seeking Crystal, with Seeking Crystal having really relatable characters for me personally but Misty Falls won mainly due to length. If I could only red that one over and over again, I want it to be the biggest for the buck and it still talks about all of the characters from the rest of the series so I could vicariously relive their stories too!


Okay, this is one of my go to writing books that really helps me through the writing process. Well, technically it is a writing course for those who don’t do it in a formal education setting, often used alongside courses to guide students. And that is ‘The Complete Creative Writing Course’ by Chris Sykes, it is a 339 page life-saver, covering everything from organising yourself as a writer, to creating ideas, even briefly discussing how to proceed to selling your writing. I turn to this book again and again, whenever I feel my writing bug slipping away. It is full of activities and information, so even if I ended up on a desert island, I’d never really be bored (except, well, if I didn’t have anything to write with!).

Genre of your own choice: Retellings!

cinderWell, this is going to be a really recent read for me, one that I haven’t even told you I have completed because I did so in the early hours of this morning! And that is Cinder by Marissa Meyer, a Cinderella retelling set on a dystopian Earth with cyborgs and Earthens and Lunars, there’s a Prince, and a ball. Guys, I am mad. M.A.D. at myself for putting this series off for so long! I read the entire thing in less than 3 hours, no breaks, I didn’t put that baby down for one second. I couldn’t. I just wanted to know what happens next?

2. You’re at the bookstore and you hear a teenager telling their mother that they don’t like reading, which book do you recommend for them to read?

untitled (71)Of course, it is pointless recommending a book when you know nothing about the person you are recommending it to, but I would have to either go with Cinder by Marissa Meyer or Poison Study by Maria V Snyder. Both of these books are full of action, where Cinder is slightly lighter, poison study definitely ticks a lot of the darker tones that some people are looking for in a read.

3. You’re not feeling yourself, what book do you read to pick yourself up?

This is a hard one, but I think I will have to settle on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter defined my childhood and in any time of uncertainty or pain I always turn to both the books and the movies for comfort. When I lost my nan, I marathoned the entire movies series back to back three times, it saw me through almost all of the stages of grief. I even wore my deathly hallows pendant to her funeral, because it made me feel stronger. Although I do tend to always begin at the beginning of the series, even if I didn’t get through the complete re-read the last time, Goblet of Fire is the one that brings the most laughs and comfort to me; I know a lot of terrible things happen but you see so much happiness in Harry, the strength of friendship really shines through.

4. You go back in time to your teenage years, what book are you most likely to be caught reading?

I should say Harry Potter, but that’s a given for majority of teenagers that grew through the release of each of the books, so I will go for the second most read book on my list and that would be… Twilight by Stephanie Meyers. Yes- I went through the screaming Twilight phase, I always a strong Team Edward but I couldn’t help loving Jacob that little bit! Although they will never be literary classics, they divided a nation (lovers-haters, team Edward- team Jacob) and you really couldn’t not get swept up in the hype. I remember one the reasons I got so caught up in it, was because I hadn’t long finished my first full length manuscript (first draft) and I read it through and loved it. I gave it to my friend and they basically said, replace the aliens with werewolves and you have Twilight, of course this was shattering and I haven’t touched the novel since, but then I had to read Twilight and low and behold, it was basically the same story.

5. Your friend surprises your with a 4-day trip, you have 1 hour to pack, which book do you bring?

21440647This will have to be Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas, this is on my TBR and I have read all the previous books in the series and I know I am going to love it. It is a ‘decent-sized’ book, hello 700 pages, so I could easily break that up over the four days into decent lengths and power through! I do plan on reading this next month while I am in fact on holiday!

6. Your house has been robbed, don’t worry, everyone is safe but your bookshelf has been robbed, which book do you see is missing.

This is an easy one, growing up with the releases I got the complete Harry Potter collection in first editions, they were a yearly gift from my brother and I still treasure them to this day. I would gladly gut anyone who tried to steal my first editions. I even bought two more copies of each book so if anyone wanted to borrow them, they could borrow those instead.

7. Your friend borrows a book and returns it in terrible condition, do you a) pretend you haven’t noticed, b) ask them to replace it, or c) do the same to one of their books

Okay, firstly this depends on the circumstance of the damage (genuine accidents can be excused- genuine accidents!) and the book involved (see why I don’t let anyone near those first editions?). But part of me is C! Make them taste their own medicine! But then I would have to purposively damage a book and that is not cool with me. So I would have to ask them to replace it, preferably in the same cover as they borrowed because that is probably the one I wanted (for reasons unknown!).

So, how would you react to these bookish scenarios? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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