Mid-week catch up!

Hey guys,

I tell you what, I am top of my blogging this month, there is almost a post a day! This week, I couldn’t participate in the read-a-thon I had intended to, which means no daily catch-ups for my reading. So, to counter this, I decided to do a mini mid-week catch-up with what I have been reading/ writing/ doing so far this week. I know, its Thursday, I’ve had a few days so I should have what three books read?


If you remember back to my TBR for this week, I have spent a lot of time this week in interviews, trial days, and traveling (learning to commute is a scary thing!) so although I thought I would be able to at least get some reading done on trains, I was sorely mistaken. Have you ever been on the major commute routes in rush hour, you can barely breath in those carriages, let alone read! I am considering attempting to listen to audiobooks in future, its just getting those audio books.

But all is not lost my friends, I have managed to read two! Yes two! of the books on my TBR pile so far, The Young Elites and The Rose Society both by Marie Lu! Guys, I love these books. I read the first in the series Tuesday, between interviews and finished the rest once I got home and the second on Wednesday evening! I had to force myself to put the book down, I love the characters and world. The plot is intense and oh so many surprises. I am not going to comment on anything that happens in the second book because it would seriously spoil the begebus out of the first book.

I am actually quite mad at myself for not reading The Young Elites sooner, instead I had to wait till I did the Intimidating Books Tag to recognise my need to read the books. The final book in the series Midnight Star will be released October 11th 2016 so mark it in your diaries and make sure you have devoured  first two before that date because this will be the finale of the year- in my opinion!

the midnight star.png

I have also made decent progress on the ebook for this week Rarity from the Hollow from Robert Eggleton. I am currently 200 pages through the Sci-Fi, and I am loving it. I am loving the characters, I think they are unique and brilliantly put together, I do think some of the characters’ reactions were mild compared to how the characters usually act; generally just accepting the huge change to their lives simply to move the story along.

There are also key things that happen between chapters, merely mentioned rather than allowing the readers to get a deeper understanding of the main characters reaction. Take for example, a death that occurs early on, it happens between two chapters and earned itself three/ fours sentences of time. Lacey (the main character) has just lost someone extremely close, in a violent and tragic manner, and yet she simply states that it happens and then moves on. No emotional reaction at all. I thought maybe this was just because she is an android-like creature (still haven’t worked out who is android other than the obvious) but then she shows ample emotion about her parents or her love interest. I think it’s a missed opportunity to explore character reactions that should lay the groundwork for the story.

Those points aside, I am really enjoying the way this story is going. I look forward to finding out what happens and how it all effects Lacey and DotCom (love interest!). What I am hating, is that this is taking longer to read because of being an ebook, I cant look at the screen as long as I can a book and I have to keep peeling myself away because my eyes are straining. This will be complete this week.

rarity from the hollowOn the writing front…

Guys, I am attempting to write this short story, its for an anthology submission on the first of June, not too far away right? I have 3,000 words written and I am attempting to get to 15,000 words point for submission (oh and did I mention the minor task of editing this thing!).

It is a Romeo and Juliet retelling, but the families are those of thieves and bandits that have unexplainable powers given from the streets- powers that the streets can take away as quickly as they are granted. When two warring families enter a battle of love and loss, can either family turn out on top?

So that’s where I am guys, I need a kick up the booty to get on top of my reading goal for the week- let alone my writing goals! I plan on picking up The Hunger Games Trilogy next, I’m not sure whether I will be marathoning the entire series of breaking it up with Cinder.

How is your week going my friends?

Until next time,

Helen x


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