#JuNoWriMo Participation!

Hey guys,

So I was on twitter today and guess what I found was a thing? NaNoWriMo in June! Yes, yes, I know that I plan on doing CampNaNo again in July but seriously guys I was only just saying that I needed a kick up my writing booty and I know that NaNoWriMo last November did just that!


So JuNaNoWriMo is basically the same as normal NaNo! The aim is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. That’s it. 1667 words a day. We can do that cant we guys?

Okay, I have a holiday that takes up the first 10 days of June, but who says you cant write on the family holiday? Oh yeah, mom’s banned laptops… old note pad and pen will do! Guys, I have to do it this month! I cannot take another failure!

So what’s the plan Helen?

The plan is a simple one. Create a plan.

Okay, I do have a plan. I will be working on three short stories and start a new full novel.

So, each short story is approximately 5,000 to 7,000 words in length. That leaves me one nice 29,000 to 35,000 words to create a masterpiece with… okay… a first draft with… the start of a first draft.

I know this wont be easy guys. I have a short story submission on the 1st of June that is no where near ready (like we are still drafting here guys!) so where am I going to have time to plan out these stories? Oh- that’s right, who needs sleep?

At least I have some starting points, I have the three topics for my short stories. I’ve spoken about them before but now I have to actually write them.

But guys, I cant be the only crazy person on this internet? Can I?

My lovely crazy friends, I recommend you check out the JuNoWriMo page and twitter, for the full breakdown of rules and other information.

So look out guys, I will be posting my hints and tips for completing 50K in 30 days across the next few weeks! Hit that follow button if you want to get all the hints and tips straight to you! Don’t forget to check out Word Wednesdays for word crawls and other fun methods of bumping up your daily word count!

I hope some of my lovely readers will be joining me for JuNoWriMo! If you decide to, leave me a comment below!

Until next time my friends,

H x


2 thoughts on “#JuNoWriMo Participation!

    1. I know! I hadn’t heard of it until the lovely folks at #JuNoWriMo replied to one of my tweets saying I should participate! I was like YES! YES! All of the Yeses! I cannot wait! Excited is an understatement! Ahhhh!


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