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Word Wednesday: The TBR Word Crawl

Hey guys,

So this is something I have been thinking about for a while; introducing a few regular posts that are aimed at specific things. So today is Wednesday and I am nicknaming Wednesday’s ‘Word Wednesdays’.

What is word Wednesday and why should I care?

Well, word Wednesdays are days where I post challenges, tips, tricks, and other bits and pieces that will help boost those word counts to meet your goals. Whether you are writing to a deadline and you need to boost your words per hour, or you are taking part in a NaNoWriMo event and you need help reaching those targets, Wednesdays are the days for you.

What kind of things should I expect on a Wednesday?

*flexes fingers menacingly*

Well my lovely friends, a few of the challenges I will be posting are:

  • Word crawls (original and those sourced from elsewhere)
  • Writing dares
  • Writing inspiration posts
  • Time challenges
  • Write with me announcements
  • Share your progress posts
  • Anything else you think you want to help boost those word counts!

Must admit, this regular post has been stirring in the back of my mind since the run up to camp NaNo and I have been fiddling with a few different ideas. I told you some interesting things were on the horizon.

So what about the first ‘Word Wednesday’? Let’s have a little look at the first original word crawl for the blog shall we?

The TBR Word Crawl

  • How many books are on your TBR for this week/ month (whichever you use!), write for that many minutes to warm your fingers up.


  • How many books did you read last month? Multiply the number by 100 and write, write, write!


  • Did you read all of your last TBR pile in the set time?
    Yes- Write 300 words as you watch your TBR pile slowly disappear
    No- Write to the nearest 1000, if less than the number of books left on your TBR multiplied by 100, write to the next 1000. (Ex: You need to write 360 words to reach the next 1000, but there were 4 books left on your TBR from last month, now you write 1360 words)


  • Consider your reading aim for the year (Goodreads…) are you on target to meet it?
    Ahead of target- take a 5 minute break for every book you are ahead of target
    On target- Sprint for 10 minutes to make sure you don’t fall behind
    Behind target- Write the number of books you are behind multiplied by 100


  • Time to pick up the next book on your TBR pile, write the number of pages in the book.


  • Sprint for 15 minutes as you begin to fly through the pages.


  • Oh no! The pace has slowed and the characters are boring you! Choose a character from a book you found boring/ you did not like and write 100 words for every letter in their name!


  • You’re about to reach the climax of the book but there are still unanswered questions about where they are going, sprint for 10 minutes trying to make sense of the impending doom!


  • Sprint for 10 minutes as you push through the heart-pounding pages of the climax


  • You’ve pushed through the climax and the characters are almost happy. Almost. If the next book on your TBR pile is:
    A stand alone- write steadily for 10 minutes as the characters wrap up each storyline
    The next in a series- write for 15 minutes but end mid-sentence
    The end of a series – sprint for 10 minutes to find out of they actually get their happily ever after!


  • You have made it to the end of another book on your TBR, take an hours writing break while you endure a book hangover and decide which book to read next.

* There are a few rules to this word crawl:

  • For every step skipped, please add one book to your current TBR pile.
  • If you complete all of the steps in one time (one writing session/ writing day) please go and have a bowl of your favourite snack reward!

So what do you think of the first word crawl? I like it. Personally. It’s my blog. Of course I have to like it! Do you think you can take on the TBR Word Crawl? Let me know in the comments below and what your total was!

I am aiming for these to be a weekly occurrence, if you wish to see all of the Word Wednesday posts, please click the tab at the side and it will take you to all of the word Wednesday posts!

I hope you like the new posts and it helps you boost those word counts! If you are interesting in an editing crawl (I may be needing these soon!) let me know and I will start working on how to alter a word crawl into an editing crawl!

Don’t forget to like, click follow, and leave me a comment to let me know if you want more word boosting posts!

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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