Social Saturday

Social Saturday #1

Hey guys,

So I told you that I would be starting to introduce a few new things to the blog, and this is one of the them. Social Saturday can be for anything, book tags, life updates, plan with me posts, anything really. But it has one aim, to get people talking.

They may even have a few different topics all smashed together! You never really know!

So lets delve into the first social Saturday with a book tag!

The X-men Apocalypse Book Tag

This was created by the wonderful G-Swizzle over on YouTube and you should definitely go and check out her channel! With the release of the new X-Men Movie on the horizon, G-Swizzle created a book tag surrounding the X-Men members!


Name a female lead who is a strong and flawed character

For this I am definitely going with Yelena from The Poison Study Series by Maria V Snyder, she is a kick ass lead who is haunted by a horrific and has led her to have some major flaws. Bu you seriously cannot do anything but root for her to come out on top! Although she doesn’t start out strong, she definitely becomes stronger both physically and mentally and I believe that she is a role model for overcoming tragic pasts to find happiness and peace.

untitled (71)


Name a character who is a good mentor (or instructor)

A strong mentor for me is someone that doesn’t provide all of the answers but rather guides them in the right direction while protecting them and showing the consequences of actions. Okay, I didn’t like all of the books in this series, especially towards the end. However one of the things I did love was the introduction of the High Council  and one member specifically, Thantos, a High Priestess with a death affinity. I think she took on this role the best in Revealed by P.C. and Kristin Cast and I definitely think she becomes a really good mentor for both Zoey Redbird and Stevie Ray.



Name a fast-paced book that you read in one sitting

For this I am choosing a series that I managed to sit and read both released instalments in one sitting; the only time I have ever been able to do it! And that is Fire and Flood and Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott, a dystopian adventure series about a competition for medication. When a member of the family can run the race and if they win they can get the medication to whatever illness they need for a family member. I could not put these books down and I spent a few hours curled up on the sofa speeding through the pages! I highly recommend this series and I am still waiting for the next instalment to be released!


Name a beast of a book that you were intimidated by before you read it

Now this tag would not be complete without the mention of Harry Potter, and I must admit that one of the most intimidating books I have ever read was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. At 800 pages you can understand why this would intimidate a 16 year old. However, once I started the book; I completed it in just over a day; starting in the morning and finishing it in the early hours of the next day. It was extremely fast paced and still remains one of my favourite books of the series.

Night Crawler

Name your favourite character that is a creature of the night

So, for this I struggled to decide whether a character met the need of being ‘creatures of the night’ but I had to settle. So I chose another House of Night character and that is Stevie Ray, she is a weak vampire to start with however, after a few books pass she becomes kick ass and a true creature of the night. But, if I tell you more about her creature of the night character elements I love the most, there would be some serious spoilers!


Name a underrated character who is powerful and deserves more attention

This is definitely one from this weeks reads, and that is Belen from A Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder. He is the poppa bear of the group and although the main character depends on him a lot and they spend a lot of time together, I feel that by the end of the first in the trilogy, you really don’t know that much about him. Of course this could change throughout the rest of the series, but right now I think that Belen deserves so much more recognition than he gets. Oh and he can uber powerful, crushing people to death with his bare hands and all.

 touch of power

Name a character who struggled to control their powers

Well for me this is definitely Nathan Byrn from  the Half Bad Trilogy, being half white witch and half black witch, he has some pretty uncontrollable powers by the end of the second book and it was really intriguing to see him try and control these powers. Still one of my favourite characters.

Half bad trilogy shot

Jean Gray

Name a character who had a traumatic incidents happen in their past

Now for this I am definitely going back to the Poison Study series to Yelena, she suffered a lot before she becomes the poison tester. You learn all the details as you go through the books but I should warn that there is a trigger warning for both rape and child abuse while reading these books. And these events don’t just happen in the past and lead her to the dungeons where she starts the book, but also extremely interfere with the decisions she makes and how she sees the people around her.

The Four Horsemen

Name four villains to create your ultimate villain squad that could potentially take this world apart

 Firstly, I would chose Neferet from The House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristin Cast as she is up close and personal with darkness (literally the physical manifestation of darkness) while also being a highly gifted high priestess of the vampire world. She has the ability to read minds and manipulate like no villain I have known.

Secondly I would King Tohon from A Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder, as a life magician he can kill a person with a touch, he can also do crazy things with dead people. Morbid but extremely beneficial to the four horsemen crew.

Thirdly, we have good old Voldemort, never knowing love he would be an unstoppable force that has no problem killing off all the children and bring full out war with everyone. And since the only person he truly feared is dead, the only person that could stop him is Harry; who would definitely be part of the Heroes version!

Finally, I would have President Snow, although  I haven’t technically read the books (yet) President Snow makes a really persuasive leader who manipulates without being obvious. Although I think President Snow and King Tohon would battle it out for rule of the apocalypse crew.


Name a series finale you are dreading

This one is easy guys, and I plan on tackling it next month! Hint! And that is A City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare, the series finale to the Mortal Instruments series. This beast is over 700 pages long and has so much happening in it that I am scared to find out what happens to everyone.

heavenly fire


Name a side character that always seems to steal the show

Ah, I am back at Poison Study once again, and this time it is for Valek. Although he is quite a centralised side character, he definitely steals the show more and more as the series progresses!

You are an X-men

What power from any fictional character would you have?

This is definitely the hardest question of the tag, but I think I would have to go with the Grace of Survival and Killing from Katsa in Gracling by Kristin Cashore.

untitled (40)

So my friends, how would you answer the X-Men Apocalypse Tag? Let me know in the comments below! Or leave a link to your posts and I will check them out!

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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