#boutofbooks day 5!

Hey guys…

‘Hey Helen, how did the reading go today?’

‘Oh reading… I read three chapters of A Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder, but then other things happened and I didn’t get to read any more.’

‘Ah, that’s a shame Helen we were really looking forward to hearing about the book. What did you do instead?’

‘Well, I spent a lot of today out and about with some of my friends; but when I got home, instead of wanting to read- I wrote!’

That’s right guys, I am finally back on the writing wagon and manage to get 3,000 words of a short story drafted today. All I can tell you right now, is that it is a Romeo and Juliet retelling, with some LGBTQ twists and I am hoping to submit it for the Maidens and Magic anthology at the beginning of June. Which doesn’t give me a lot of time for actually writing and editing the piece.

This has also been the inspiration for a few posts that I have been working on today, writing mojo is back and the creative spark is feeling the love. Unfortunately that did eat into a lot of the reading time I had set aside for today. But, I do have a commitment to this blog and of course my wonderful readers and when inspiration hits!

So, on the writing front, I have to hit between 12,000 and 25,000 words for the submission. So here’s the sad news. A wonderful new read-a-thon is happening next week (The Mental Health Awareness Read-a-thon) however with the interviews that I have coming up next week and the looming submission for the newest creation, I don’t think I can truly participate.

I will be setting myself a TBR for the week, and I will try and keep it Mental Health based, but I wont be committing to any challenges or daily reading updates. I am extremely sorry about this, however I feel that I will still be able to produce some good content for you throughout the week; especially on the writing front. And with my recent focus being heavily on reading, I do want to try and balance the distribution between reading and writing based posts.

Weekend plans…

So there are two days until the end of the week. My reading aim is to complete two more books, namely A Scent of Magic and Taste of Darkness by Maria V Snyder as I still wish to complete the trilogy for the read-a-thon. Although I am no-where-near the end of my TBR pile I have made quite a bit dent in that ridiculous TBR. I am behind my target of reaching 22 books in the month, but with my final assessments, very important job interviews, and the chance of publication in an anthology, it is not exactly a surprise.

On the writing front, I aim to get to approximately 10,000 words by the end of Sunday on my Romeo and Juliet retelling. I also have three more pieces needed for august, which seems ages away right now. But. I am planning on starting work by the end of the month, this means my time will be none existent for a few months until everything is settled and I have figured everything out. So I also plan to try and plan out one of the three short stories for later drafting.

So until tomorrow my friends,

Helen x


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