#boutofbooks Day 4!

Hey guys,

So it is literally just a whistle stop tour of todays’ progress, mainly because there really isn’t much of it. I spent most of the day organising interviews and other meetings, so less time for reading. But I did manage to read 100 or so pages of A Touch of Power by Maria V Snyder, it is getting good and picking up the pace a little bit

touch of power

Although I will be out a lot for Day 5, I do plan on finishing this one and making decent progress on A Scent of Magic which is the next in the trilogy. I am loving the cast of characters Maria has created in this series, and I went and bought (not with my money so shouldn’t count as breaking my buying ban) another duology by her Inside Out duology. Just reading the synopsis makes me want to read them.

inside out duo.png

I will still be participating in next weeks Read-a-thon, however my TBR will mainly consist of 4 books because I have interviews almost everyday and excited is an understatement.

Until later my friends,

Helen x


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