Review: Half Bad Trilogy

Hey guys,

Well, I have finally completed the Half Bad Trilogy during the #AYearAThon and guys, this series just gets better!

Half bad trilogy shot

So I read Half Bad by Sally Green last year, and I loved it. I wanted more but at the time I was broke, no money, so I focused on the books I had in the house at the time (smart- yeah I should try following that advice again pretty soon!) so I didn’t pick the second one up. But then I picked it up in a sale, and then pre-ordered the third and forgot all about them all over again.

Well, the theme for this #AYearAThon was to make progress or even complete series. So looking through my endless books I wanted to push through the many series I own and decided to continue and hopefully finish this trilogy. I read them in the first few days and they set me up for a really good reading week, despite how much stuff was going on. They gave me that many emotions that I just wanted to go straight back to the beginning and read them all over again- but I couldn’t. And no, it wasn’t because I’m dedicated to getting through my TBR piles, or that I was in a read-a-thon, no the only thing that stopped me from re-reading was that I leant Half Bad to my friend to read and she hasn’t bought it back yet. I was actually tempted to go to her house and ask for it, but then when is started finalising the plan I realised- I would be catching three buses, late at night, for a book that I have read before. So I stopped and carried on with my TBR- like any other sane person would do.

But less about how I read the books, lets look at why these books were so good.


Now this series is about a young male witch, who just so happens to be a phenomenon; being half black witch (evil witch) and half white witch (good witch). Oh and just to make it a little more awkward for the poor lad, his father just so happens to be the single most feared black witch ever. Because the kid needed more things to mess with him- oh wait. He’s been kept in a cage and tormented most of his life by a white witch, and then he has the problem of his birthday, when his parents are meant to bestow gifts to make him a full witch. Only his mother’s dead and his father hasn’t been seen in a long time.

Poor Nathan, nothing goes right for him- ever. White witches despise him, to the point that they just want him dead. Black witches don’t accept him, mainly because he’s half white and that war hasn’t been raging for a millennia.

Throughout the first book you see Nathan learn a lot about himself, the people around him, and the people he was meant to rely on. He has beautiful character development in each book, but also when I look back over the entire series; I start to really appreciate the complexity of his development. He doesn’t just come of age, he battles with himself, with stereotypes, with love, with lust (just saying, ‘making love things’), and I think most importantly, he learns that life is not simple.

There is a battery of side characters, love interests, oh so many really good villains (but if I mention names- spoilers!) that twist your heart, that pulverises it and then sets it on fire for good measure. And they still smile. Those kind of villains. I think, the most important villain moment happens at the end of Half Wild and sets up wonderfully for the final instalment, you learn so much about the characters involved that you cant hate them but you hate them. You really hate them. Because you know you must.

There are two love interests, but there isn’t a love ‘triangle’. I think I have found my ‘one true pairing’ and I can’t say because it will ruin the ending. Now there are LGBT elements, there are some really good discovery stories, as Nathan isn’t the only character that gets some development across these books. Beautiful moments happen in these books guys.


Now, I loved the plot of the first book. I loved the plot of all of the books, but I did find the second one slower; it is the largest of the books. It did have a lot of build up and turmoil to cause for the final instalment, but it had it’s own arc. A lot happens in the second instalment that you really don’t see coming until the words slap your face. Hard.

My favourite book is by far is the last, Half Lost bought me to tears on more than one occasion, not always sad tears, but a lot of sad tears. There are some serious battles going on in this series guys, and I like how there are realistic deaths and a heap tonne of destruction and aftermath because of it. People get broken. People are affected. Lives are torn apart and harshly sown back together again. Oh it all feels so real!

I have had to make myself wait almost an entire week before writing this review, because things happen, and I am angry, I am sad. I am betrayed.

Bring tissues to the ending guys. That’s all I am saying.


Can you tell I loved the books guys… can you guess star ratings yet? Oh go on. Guess quick?!


I recommend this series to everyone. Well, everyone older than fifteen. There’s a few sexualised momentos involved, and a lot of gorey style. Even though a lot is left to the powers of your imagination!

So tell me guys, have you read the Half Bad Trilogy? What did you think? If you haven’t, you can pick the first one up here!

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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